12 Essential Points For An Aesthetically Perfect Home!

Perfect Home


How you organise and design your interior space is important. From matching those colour schemes to placing the perfect artwork on the most appropriate wall, planning lighting and even hanging the curtains — the tiniest detail can mark the difference here between a stunning space and a totally mundane mismatch. A completely furnished and beautifully designed home should be just perfect in every sense. And the best part? There is no set formula for enchanting interiors. You have all the freedom to follow your heart! 

If you believe the Greek logic of home décor — they used to indulge in it so much that they used to call it “esthetic”. This is what we now refer to as Aesthetics. It means being concerned with beauty and appearance. This is especially emphasised in home décor, because home décor has a direct impact on our mood and feelings. Stunning Interior design tends to uplift our spirits, and also leads to optimising the available space of our home to be used in the best way for a balance of fun and functionality. 

 Points to check for an all correct home

A flawless home isn’t a myth! It’s a thriving reality that can be achieved by all of us. Just making sure everything is carried out perfectly and according to the basic rule, of course, topped with our creativity! This amalgamation leads to a perfect interior with absolutely no glitches. Check below some of the aspects for a flawless home:

  1.   Create a mindful design — You can’t get a flawless home if it isn’t designed appropriately. It demands planning and cutting out space for each room perfectly according to the needs and demands of its occupants.
  2.  Cover up the flaws — A totally perfect home means no flaws and mistakes at all! Whether it’s a leaking roof, dripping pipeline or rough walls with a hole — these are needed to be mended immediately. Consulting best gib stoppers in Auckland like Fine Finish Interiors could do the job of filling the gaps, smoothing the rough walls, and levelling the uneven layers for you without any loopholes.
  3.  Swatch the colours — Colours mark the noticing point of your interior designs. Choose them carefully. Do the swatch test in a corner of the wall before finalising the colour. This would help you see it in the right perspective – how the colours play against the light and dimension of the room you propose to use it in.
  4. Floors with a flourish —Your power to progress enhances with each firm step on the floor. Don’t let this floor be ignored. Floors can feel luxurious and add a design element to your room too — be it of hardwood, laminate, tiles, marble or vinyl. Get beautifully designed carpets, rugs and runners for added plushness (unless of course you went for wall to wall carpeting!).
  5. Woody warmth — When you think your home lacks some special touch, add the warmth of wood in it. Wood in any manner — as in a furniture, flooring or wall frame can add lovely charm to any home.
  6. Gallery from mobile to wall — Have a plain lifeless wall with just a sweet paint on it? Transfer your mobile gallery in the form of frames to the wall, and create your very own gallery wall. Such a nostalgic wall will never fail to add emotions to a home.
  7.  Furnish for luxury —Add some furniture which are basic yet classy. They add into the aesthetics, but give you a cosy welcome feeling too. Choose the dimensions depending on the size of the space you want to use the furniture in.
  8. Flaunt contemporary colours and motifs — Home interiors give you ample opportunity to play with colours, designs, textures and more. You can use them on upholstery, soft furnishings and more. But keep in mind that the colour you choose should complement your paint (on the walls) and enhance your home’s look.
  9. Jingle the accessories— Home accessories or decorative pieces bring life to the décor. Get them all out. The best ones are those with a story – the one your grand mom gifted, the ones you collected during your trips, or the one you inherited from your dad – all these then become not only an accessory, but also add persona to the space.
  10. Bright and light —Indoor lighting often is the last thing to decide, but actually should be the first one. The need of placing the right kind of illumination depending on mood and functionality is real.
  11. Rugged up well — With large areas comes the need to break the space and uniform flooring look with magnificent rugs. Choose your rugs with care. Pick the shape that can complement your room and its décor theme.   
  12. Ceiling celebration — Often ignored, ceiling is one thing where often our eyes rest when we are resting.  Design or create an artistic ceiling, a magically gorgeous ceiling intensifies the aura of the décor nicely.

With all the above, just add a touch of love – your home would be the most aesthetically perfect yet livable home that you dreamed of! 

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