20 Dorm Room Decorating Ideas to Personalize Your Space

Bring some whimsy and personality into your new place far from home, your dorm space. Making your own decor of your walls, bedding, and methods of organization will ensure that your area reflects your personal style and requirements.

Here are 20 fashionable dorm room design ideas that allow you to easily customize your space, even if you’re working with a blank canvas.

Create a Lofted Sleep Space

If you can alter the height of your bed, think about making a lofted arrangement to make the most of your floor space. Put the dresser or desk underneath the bed, or set a bean bag chair on top and create an ideal reading area.

Bring on the Neon With a Strand of Lights

A string of light fixtures can add visual interest to this minimalist white wall. Ensure you can quickly access the switch and turn it off to ensure the bright lights won’t disturb your sleep.

Layer Throw Pillows

If you’re fond of having many pillows to throw around in your home, bring them to college. Mix different designs and colors to create an arrangement that is uniquely yours.

Hang Faux Vines Behind the Bed

You may not be able to keep plants in a healthy state in your room in the dorms. However, you can inject some green into your home by hanging vines. Set them on your bed to create a dramatic effect. You’ll feel as if you’re awake every day in the lush greenery of a garden.

Personalize YourYour Space With a Light Up Sign

Buy a neon sign that spells the name of your favorite phrase, and place it on top of your bed to ensure that everyone knows which room belongs to you. The roommate you share with may also want to join in the fun.

Weave Small Decorative Pieces Into Your Space

Small decorative accessories can make a huge difference in transforming a dorm space from dull to stunning. Mirrors, fake plants, or picture frames can be unique pieces that can be incorporated into your room.

Add a Hutch to Your Desk for Storage

Installing a cabinet at the top of your desk will increase the storage space. If your desk is a get-ready station, you could create space in the cabinet to store makeup and hair products while putting aside the bulk of your desk for school items.

Make Over a Blank Wall

In general, dorm rooms are set up right on the walls. To create a unique space, hang pictures, string lights, and other things that will make you feel at home. You can cut pictures from magazines and create an art collage with your favorite artists’ colors, movies, or colors.

Hang Your Hats

Hats aren’t just for fashion but also make incredible decorations. Use hooks with stick-on to make a wall display on top of your dresser or bed to make a statement.

Get Organized With Mesh Bins

If your dorm has open shelving, you can use it to store all kinds of things. Mesh containers like those shown here are great for storing toiletries, school supplies, and other small items. Because they’re clear and affixed with mesh, you’ll be able quickly locate what you require, particularly if you’re running overtime for your class.

Utilize Storage Drawers

Use drawers for storage whenever you can. Most dorm dressers are tiny, and bins like these are great for stashing away sheets, workout clothes and winter clothing, baseball hats, and more.

Don’t Forget Your Pet

When you move to a dorm, one of the most challenging things is leaving your pet behind. Pay tribute to your pet’s owner by purchasing an individual pillow with your pet’s face by placing the pad on top of your bed. It’s cute and is a perfect conversation sparker.

Frame Posters

Instead of just gluing your posters to walls, you can take the time to put them into frames. This isn’t only nice to look at and ensures that your signs don’t tear when taken down at the end of the year, making them perfect for the following year.

Illuminate Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms don’t have a reputation for their sun-filled rooms, So you’ll need to get some lamps to ensure that the environment is sufficient for study. A floor lamp such as this one is equally practical and stylish.

Bring Your Headboard

One excellent method to bring style and elegance to your dorm room is to get the look of a bed. If you’re inclined to be creative, you could make this item. Choose a fabric that speaks to you. A headboard can make relaxing and reading at night feel more comfortable.

Make Reading Extra Enjoyable

If you like studying or reading from within the privacy of your bedroom at night, consider adding an arm-length pillow to your bed so you can effortlessly place yourself in a position for additional relaxation.

Take Your Desk to the Next Level

Refresh a desk in your dorm room by covering it in the fabric in your chosen color and design. You can then add an ornamental glass cut to ensure you can utilize the area to write on. This will make any wooden desk appear elegant and stylish.

Layer Your Bedding

Bring instant color to your room using an eye-catching quilt such as this. It’s great for an extra layer in the winter months as well.

Hang a Mini Gallery Wall

Bring some personality to monotonous walls in your dorm by hanging a collage of three prints over your bed. Print out digital downloads and then put them into frames available in packs at an affordable price. A lot of dorm-goers utilize removable hooks to secure artwork onto the wall.

Make Getting Ready Nice and Easy

Keep your shoes in order by getting the right shoe rack to fit in the space. This can allow you to get dressed for class much easier even if you’re getting up in the middle of the night. There’s no need to search through many bins and under the mattress for the perfect sneaker.


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