The possibilities are endless with today’s technological advances, even in the kitchen. Since the days of iceboxes with ticking timers, great strides in kitchen design. These are top tips for creating a smart kitchen that feels smart.

Alexa Google Home/ Alexa

You can use hands-free devices such as Google Home or Alexa to set multiple timers and quickly access recipes. Making cooking fun is easy with hands-free devices like the Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Charging stations

Moving phones, tablets, cameras, and other devices to a remote charging station in a drawer is so easy. This not only frees up counter space but it also ensures that your devices remain fully charged and keeps them out-of-sight (and maybe out of mind).

Touch-activated Faucets

This is perhaps the most practical kitchen renovation in Auckland. A touch-activated kitchen faucet allows you to turn on or off the water with just one touch. This faucet is perfect for messy hands that don’t want to cause more mess.

Hidden screens

You can use small television screens or tablets to help you prepare meals or entertain. You can create a shelf or be creative and hide a screen in a cabinet. Just remember to plan for cable hookups and allow for wires.

Kitchen appliances

These kitchen appliances are not necessary, but they can be very entertaining. You can take your kitchen technology to the next level by getting a fridge with a touchscreen that streams music and can also control the stove from your smartphone. A microwave that adjusts according to your use of the microwave is another option. Keep in mind that technology changes quickly and you might need to replace high-tech kitchen appliances sooner than their lower-tech counterparts.

Device bowl

This one may not be high-tech but it is for tech. The idea of a large bowl at the centre of your table is great. This means that everyone who eats at the table must place their phone in it. It ensures that everyone has a great time, a relaxed dinner, good conversation and eye contact.

Kitchen technology can make it easier to cook and work in the kitchen.

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