5 Things to Know About Roof Cleaning

Perhaps one of the first things that someone notices about your house is the roof, second only to the walls. The better they look, the more its value when you are about to sell it. However, over time, they can get all kinds of stains and grime from exposure to the elements, birds, and trees. This is why we clean the roof regularly through various methods. If you are planning to get roof water blasting in Auckland, here is what you should know.

  1. Not meant for a DIY project

The first thing to know about roof cleaning is that it is not a suitable DIY project. It requires experience and skill that only professional cleaners will possess. Trying to clean the roof without the right technique or skills can be dangerous for the person doing it and the house itself.

  1. Softer touch for older roofs

Older roofs often have a thick layer of grime, grit, and dirt. Dissolving these requires soft washing, which uses detergent to soak the residues and then low-pressure rinsing to remove it. This will prevent the roof from being loosened with pressure. Anything with increased pressure can affect the shingles, given the roof age.

  1. Moss and algae damage on shingles

Most debris on the roof can be cleaned in one go and often remain in one place, stuck. However, moss, mildew, and algae are different; they grow over time and can seep below the roofing and enter your house. With increased exposure, these can cause shingles to crumble like dust. Therefore, keep an eye out for these and remove them regularly.

  1. Hidden debris’ effects

Another thing to know about is how some debris can remain hidden for a long time until they are visible on the roofing. However, being hidden does not mean they are any less harmful. In fact, some of the unseen debris can damage the house severely. You can prevent this by cleaning the roof regularly.

  1. Professional cleaning is worth it

Lastly, calling in the professionals for a regular cleaning is worth the financial investment you may need to make. Therefore, skipping or skimping on this is not a good idea. Doing so can potentially ruin your roof with all the grime, mold, etc., or with poor-quality cleaning. Avoid this by getting a pro cleaner for your shingles.


The health of the roof is important to the well being of everyone living in the house. Neglecting this part of the home can result in mold, mildew, fungal, and bacterial contamination in the house. Therefore, regular cleaning of the roof is necessary. The thing to keep in mind is that this is not a task for a DIY-er with all the skills and experiences involved.

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