7 Areas That Need Your Close Attention When Buying A House!

Buying A House

You will be doing a lot of huge purchases in your life! From buying that branded pair of shoes to getting a new bike or even a new car! But nothing matches the joy and excitement of buying a new home for you! And perhaps that would be the biggest ticket item in your kitty! The moment you know you have saved enough for the same, or you get the loan sanction letter from the bank, your life turns into a roller coaster ride until you get settled in your new dwelling!

 The extreme excitement of visiting different houses in order to search for your dream home, viewing each corner of it, mentally planning the whole area according to your wish, and later paying that cheque to the previous owner — life takes a busy way! And amidst this chaos and tension, you often forget to check the minute details of the place that can impact you largely later. Some blows of not inspecting the home can drain all your savings! That is why consulting a house inspection company in Christchurch like Savvy Houz Inspections is important as soon as you finalise a place. They will take a thorough and proper tour of the place in a professional manner (you can accompany them too!) and create a precise report for you. You can refer to this report and check all the issues and problems that the house may be having, which the broker or the owner would or wouldn’t have told you about.

Which areas are of great importance to check when buying a new place?

Though your home inspector will be surveying the entire place for you and listing everything in the report, you can check the report for these points and make sure these are researched properly before you decide to buy the place. If you find any grave issue in these pointers, be very sure either to solve the same legally or think twice upon your decision of purchasing the house. Read about those very important check-list areas below:

  •  Water damage in the house — If there’s a serious water damage in the house that can cause your place to rust, experience damp and get dilapidated early, make sure you are settling this issue before the deal is signed. The costs of repairing the same can be huge, and even its after effects on the house are severe.
  •  Pests or insects in the place — If you catch a lot of bats settling on the garden trees, have seen mice holes near the gutter, or viewed a lot of cockroaches in the kitchen or walls, make sure you are asking the buyer about the issue in detail. There may be more such hidden homes of animals in the place which can impact your lifestyle later. And be aware, this issue can’t be solved by just pest control either; the dwellings of these reptiles have to be destroyed too.
  •  Stigma in the place — If the place you are buying is stigmatised, this won’t be listed in the inspection report most probably, but you’ll have to inquire the same yourself. There may be cases of suicide, mudder, large robbery or any other criminal activity on the place that may be a source of harassment for you later. Better inquire about the same properly and act according to your lawyer’s guidance.
  • Termite issues — A termite issue isn’t just as small as catching an insect roaming in the place. This issue can be really severe and affect your house and it’s belonging largely. It’s better to check about the same in the reports and go through more than one session of pest control to kill them.
  • Illegal extensions or remodelling — If there’s an extended area in the house like granny flat or garage that was fixed after the home was built, ask for the legal permission papers of the same from the owners before finalising the deal. Failing which you can find yourself in a big legal mess because of these.
  • Damaged roofs or leaks — You should go through the reports and the home more than once and check the exterior properly. If you think there’s damage on the roof or a leak that can cause destructive issues for you later, get this settled with the owner in terms of expenses. (as this can cost you a fortune to repair)
  • Appliances issues — If you are buying a home with furniture and appliances, be sure to check if all the appliances are working well and the furniture is in good condition inside out. You never know whether a problem may arise in these as you start using them and you’ll have to pay double the amount in repairing them.

There can be more such minute things to check — like if there are any disputes regarding the property that’s going on, or the home has faulty septic or gutter system, or if the place is located on a natural disaster-prone area, etc. The bottomline is, never hurry to buy a new place, no matter how excited you are. One little thing missed here, and you’ll have to pay almost triple the money for dealing with the problem later, plus the inconveniences that you and your family shall have to face!

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