All About Essential & Advanced Carpet Cleaning Tools

Carpet cleaning is a job that most people hate to do because it’s so tedious, but most of the time, the consequences of not cleaning it are more severe than the work involved. Carpet cleaning is no longer just about getting the dirt out of your carpet. If you own a home or business that has carpeting, chances are you’ll need to have it cleaned sooner or later. If you want to take your carpet to the next level of clean, you need to purchase some of the tools used by professional carpet cleaners. Otherwise, you need to hire some carpet cleaners who can bring those tools to clean your carpets. This article will let you know about the different tools used by carpet cleaners in Auckland and their functions to clean carpets. 

Why is it necessary to use tools?

You should get your carpet cleaned two times a year. It is because carpeting collects dirt and dust. After some time, this can become visible in the form of discolourations, spots, or soft carpet fibres. (Imagine the carpet is swimming in the air; the dirt in that air eventually ends up on the carpet.) If you don’t clean your carpet, it gets harder to clean and can even stain or ruin it. The trick is to clean your carpet regularly. You should also use the right tools for the job. Be it you have a small area or big; you can use the following tools to clean your carpets. We have highlighted some of the important tools you can use for cleaning carpets apart from brushes and vacuum cleaners.

Carpet Scrubbers

A carpet scrubber or carpet shampooer is a tool that can clean your carpet. It comes with an innovative and patented rotating brush that gives you the ability to clean your carpeting faster than you ever imagined. Simply put the rotating brush into your vacuum cleaner, turn it on, and vacuum away. Different types of carpet shampoos are available. The most common way to clean your carpet with a carpet scrubber is by shampooing the carpet using shampoo. However, there are other ways to clean your carpet with a carpet scrubber, such as by using just water.

Carpet Fillers

A carpet Filler is the most convenient way to cover up that ugly spot in your carpet temporarily. It’s also a great alternative to duct tape and tinfoil. One look at our fabulous selection of colours, patterns, and styles will have you rushing for your phone to order some carpet filler of your own. It’s time to fix that ugly spot on the carpet!

Water wetting agents for carpet cleaning

As you consider your carpet cleaning needs, you may find that you are in a situation where you need a carpet cleaning solution that can be used in conjunction with carpet cleaning equipment. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to look into a Water Wetting Agents product for Carpet Cleaning. Carpet cleaning machines use water to clean carpets. However, water alone doesn’t clean carpets very well. It also doesn’t penetrate deep enough into carpet fibres to remove trapped dirt and bacteria. It means that you are left with a cleaner looking carpet but a dirty carpet underneath.


It’s a normal belief that as a knowledgeable person, you must have an idea about vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaning brushes. But, the tools discussed above are highly advanced and eases your work. Using these tools will reduce your effort. 

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