All About Concrete Driveways And How To Maintain Them

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Concrete driveways are now gaining more interest over paving materials. These are also known as cement driveways. These provide varieties of designs that make them unique. To get better and durable performance for the concrete driveways, a contractor must correctly go through all the desired materials with the best quality and supervise the workmen to get a better finish and durability. So, some requirements should be followed and used to get proper concrete driveway construction.

  1. Subgrade preparation should be proper enough to achieve adequate weight support over the driveway, slab thickness, in preventing cracks. Also, it helps in the uniformity of slabs, which allows in comfortable driving.
  2. A concrete mix should be appropriately selected like ASTM C-94, which provides uniformity in the concrete mix and therefore avoids random cracks over the concrete driveways.
  3. Reinforcement should be placed to increase the driveway’s capacity, like a grid pattern, and the blocks are placed under its rebars as support. It, therefore, prevents further cracks if there occurs any.
  4. The thickness of the concrete placed influences the capacity of the driveway, i.e., the thickness along the driveway should be 4-5 inches and also in the edges the thickness should be added 1-2 inch more, which will help in increasing the capacity of the driveway.
  5. Proper care should be taken in the finishing of the concrete driveway because some issues take place like overworking on its surface and bleeding of water. These can be cured by giving a broom finish, sealing the surface, etc. 
  6. Joints must be placed properly in order to avoid random cracks, which affects the beauty of the concrete driveways.
  7. There should be a better facility for the drainage, like making a slop or placing a drain in order to avoid standing water.
  8. There some curing methods which are done in the finishing like sprinkling water on it or liquid membranes, covering with blanket or sheets, etc. for seven days after the concreting is finished, which helps the cement, mix, and the blocks set correctly.


  • Concrete driveways gave a clean n professional look.
  • Well maintained and well-made driveways can last for years and can manage all wear and tear and also the climatic issues.
  • They offer high versatility in their design and places where it is installed, like traffic use and residential use.
  • As it is more durability than other pavement options, these require less maintenance, and also there are many options to remove stains if needed.
  • Its durability is up to 20 to 25 years, which will help to decrease the cost of the maintenance.
  • These provide different options in designs like stamped and polished driveways.


  • Stamped and polished driveways need more maintenance in order to get more duration and is costly.
  • In these constructions, there needs professionals and also hard labor.
  •  The application of sealants needs to be done in the time of annual maintenance to ensure the long life of the concrete driveways.

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