All about interior decoration – Paints that make your rooms pop

Whether you plan to refurbish your home or just get some of the rooms done, painting them all over again can be a tad expensive. The better option would be to handle it on your own, which is why you need to check out these interior decorating tips, designed to make the best use of your paint. Given the fact that you might be on a limited budget, you can use these points to make your paint stretch and give your rooms the perfect finish in the bargain. Do check them out.

  • Use a textured finish: Ask any of the house painters in Auckland and they would tell you that it can be expensive to use two contrasting paints for the same room. But a better option would be to instead utilize the same paint, opt to finish part of the room with a larger nap so that parts of the wall have a texture as well. The fibers contained in the nap should give you the texture but keep in mind that you need to use the normal nap for part of the room and the larger nap for the other part of the room. This should help provide you with the perfect contrast that can help make the room stand out.
  • Utilize masking tape: And while masking tape is more than essential for any paint job, it has various uses apart from preventing the wet paint from getting onto certain parts of the wall, windows, and even objects. You can use the masking tape to provide you with a datum line, between two complementary paints, and thereby provide you with a contrasting bar but with pastels. Most house painters would agree with this idea to make the room stand out.
  • Get creative: If you have limited paint and still need to paint the room, here’s what you can do. Use the paint for the room and leave the rest of the room bare. Now, draw and paint a playful border which should both provide you with a nice contrast as well as make the room unique. This idea can be incorporated with ease, for the kids’ playroom or even for the kitchen. You can let your imagination go into overdrive, and you can make the border as playful as you need. 
  • Ceiling matters: Most homeowners often tend to forget the ceiling when it comes to painting the room. And that’s a bad mistake, for you need to ensure that you get the ceiling painted in a complementary pastel color, along with the remaining walls to complete the effect. Go for a darker color than the walls as it brings in more depth to the room and even makes it appear higher. The darker the shade, the more the visual effect, so use this idea and let the room gain new depth.
  • Use the right colors: If your budget is limited, then you may want to stick with colors that tend to have the most impact. Head online and do your research, just check out all the color combinations and use the right ones for your rooms. For example, you can utilize the yellow, mustard color as it is perfect for small rooms.

With these tips, you should be able to pick out the right paints for your rooms and make the whole home come alive.

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