Important Questions to Ask a Commercial Painting Company

Painting Your House Effectively


When it comes to office transformation, then applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the budget-friendly and easy ways. Finding a painting company could be challenging, but if you are smart enough, you can surely land on the right planet. As you shortlist two to three painting contractors, you need to confirm with them about certain aspects. 

A face-to-face discussion is highly preferable, but even a virtual call could do the job in this digital. Make sure you ask the below questions and seek adequate clarification from the contractor. 

  • How many years of experience do they have?

If you have contacted the top-notch painters in auckland, you don’t have to ask this question. But in case of new or medium-sized companies, asking about the experience and expertise is a good thing to do. You can even ask about the experience level of the staff members and how much is the staff size. 

  • Is the company licensed, insured, and has valid documentation of the same? 

When a company has a license, insurance coverage and is registered, it means it is a professional painting company and can guarantee you with reliable services. So, you can seek confirmation from the shortlisted contractors whether they are licensed and insured. Mere oral clarification is subject to risk; hence we suggest asking for complete documentation. 

Please note that you do not doubt the capabilities of the contractor by checking their documents and papers. A reliable contractor would be more than happy to furnish you with the necessary details and paperwork. If not, you have got something to red-flag and move on to the others. 

  • What kind of branded paints and materials are used by the contractor? 

Yes, since it is about the paint, you need to evaluate whether these are of reputed brands. Remember that only a good quality brand can provide you with a flawless painting outcome. So, choose paints wisely with the help of the contractor and as per your preferences. You can further discuss how many coats would be needed and the materials used. 

  • What is the estimate?

Maybe you are on a stringent budget, or you want the world’s best painting job to be done, you need to ask clearly about the estimates in advance. Remember that the estimate is subject to change if you have additional requirements. So, keep scope for the alterations. 

  • How soon will it be completed? 

The time needed to complete the painting project is dependent on several factors such as the size of the commercial enterprise, the existing condition of surfaces, paints, and materials to be used. But ask for a rough estimate of the same from the proposed contractor. 

When you seek appropriate and fair responses from a shortlisted contractor, hire him. He is the perfect one for your requirements. 


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