Basic Responsibilities Of ATenant In A Rented Property!

A Rented Property!

Believe or not, we’re all responsible for skimming over a contract, assuming that it’ll be the last time we see it as we sign documents for renting properties. And mostly you graduate from renting one home to another, with vaguely knowing what exactly your responsibility as a tenant is. Though taking care of a rented property is actually the duty of both the parties involved in a house lease, however, this is not followed dutifully by many. There lies a grey area wherein there’s always a fuse bulb that is ignored or a stubborn lock that needs oiling! Both the parties are to be blamed! And the fun part is – both parties blame each other every time an issue is unearthed. 

With our busy lives, the last thing you would want to deal with is a nasty repair work done in a rented property. But, no matter how hard this may sound, your responsibilities as a tenant lies far beyond just living in a place and paying the rent in turn. It includes all the essential steps like taking proper care of the exterior and interior of the place to carry out the end of tenancy cleaning in Auckland by Flash Cleaning Services who thoroughly clean away each and every part of the house and make it look shiny and clean. The essence is that you have to take ownership of the place you call home – whether you live as an owner or tenant!

   What are your duties as a tenant?

 Renting a place means having the place as your home on a temporary basis. But it’s your home after all. Nurturing the place as you would be looking after your own home is your basic duty towards the space that houses you. There are also some more etiquette and rules of residing in a rented place which is common for all, and should be followed religiously, no matter which part of the world you live in. Read your duties below, and think about which ones you are abiding by as a tenant, and which you should start following after this: 

  •  Pre- moving replacements and additions — Apart from the basic needs, which you undoubtedly would have checked before renting the property, a landlord isn’t responsible for your replacements or additions in the property. For example, if you feel the existing lights are too dull or you need extra seating in the patio or you need to add a gazebo in the garden — it should be done by you, and the landlord isn’t at all responsible for the same.
  • Permissions before altering any section of the property— If you want to add some extra hooks on the wall or racks in the kitchen or paint the place according to your choice of colours, it’s your duty to ask the landlord first. You couldn’t add or alter anything in the property without the consent of the landlord (unless of course it is something that can be easily and completely removed – like movable furniture, curtains, table top home décor items etc). 
  • Maintenance and cleaning — As long as you reside in the property, you are obliged to look after it properly. From cleaning the indoors to maintaining the gardens — it’s your duty as a tenant which shouldn’t be ignored at all.
  • Damage on moving —It may be in the hassle while moving in, or due to acts of a pet or child, if there is any damage caused to the property during your tenancy, you are liable to repair the same.
  •   Pay the rent on time — When you sign a contract for the rental property, it’s as if you are making a promise. A promise that should be fulfilled at any cost. Therefore, if there’s a certain date allotted to you for paying the rent, make sure you are doing so on or before the same.
  • Follow all the terms and conditions of the deal — There are terms and conditions between the landlord and a tenant – generally decided upon and signed as a contract at the time of renting. This is again your basic duty to oblige, failing which there can also be legal proceedings against you.
  •  End of tenancy cleaning — While you move from your old home to a newer place, make sure you leave it as spic and span. Carrying out end of tenancy cleaning is one of your essential duties as a tenant, and also a basic etiquette. 

With these duties, there are also some of the rights that you have as a tenant. Ample knowledge about them is important too, so that your tenancy period goes without any trouble.

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