Beautiful Home Interiors in Art Deco Style

As the name suggests, this Art Deco-style decor. At the salons of Europe reigned in the 20s – and 30s – those, but now seen his triumphant return. The modern interior design can not miss the subtle floral decorations, geometric shapes and soft streaks of light exuding through the glass.Art Deco was a response to industrialization processes taking place in a developing society. The functionality and reliability have become the subject as important as its aesthetic performance. Prewar salons and cabinets, which we remember from old movies, it is the synthesis of ornamentation of the utilitarian purpose of the interior. In fashion were massive desks and chests of drawers veneered with exotic wood. The stoic nature of the soft sofas furniture softened with flowing shapes, flowery wallpaper and exquisitely decorated, functional trinkets – mirrors, chandeliers, etc.

The organization sought to preserve the space of classical order and geometric, so that dekoratywno?? go hand in hand with elegance and comfort of use. Contemporary Art Deco Art Nouveau primarily merger, flowing lines and floral motifs with simple geometric forms. Completes wood, metal accents sparingly distributed, and natural fabrics in deep, saturated colors. As the Art Deco is a combination of finesse and functionality, can provide inspiration to both fans of minimalism, as well as those who prefer a light, decorative surfaces. Apartment decorated in the style should be characterized by multi-component, but a consistent layout. The presence of each additional ornament should be justified and blended into a harmonious whole.

Interior of Art Deco furniture in the house

The door of the Aquarius collection, the company Invado fit perfectly into the refined, but comfortable atmosphere of this style. Elegant design based on simple geometric motifs and high quality decorative veneers are the perfect complement to the luxury of space. Art Deco is also the warm, intense colors and the penetrating rays of the sun through the windows, gently shaping the interior. The line has a tasteful glass and veneers in rich colors, such as chestnut and mahogany, with a clearly accentuated wood grain. – Internal doors is the fusion of style of living in a harmonious whole. The Art Deco best fit those of a non-uniform, similar to the natural texture of glazing creating a discrete, geometric composition – says Ewa Olszewska, interior designer Invado. – Art Deco unpretentiousness nature and subtlety in dealing with sophisticated ornamentation – he adds.

Slight shaping of the interior

Furniture and art deco can be a base or najefektowniejszym element building interior climate. Art deco style makes it possible to create a sensational interior design. See how to use indoor furniture, art deco.
Art deco is a style prevalent after World War I, and so even the war-devastated Poland has maintained many of the furniture and trinkets from that period. This style was born in difficult times between the wars and was like a fresh breath. Alluded to past eras and ran out into the future. Shaped art deco style, architecture, fashion and culture, is equated with the twentieth anniversary primarily between the wars. However, items like that also arose before the First World War, which in a natural way to speed up its development.
Streamlined design of upholstered furniture are characteristic of Art Deco Art Deco: furniture and accessories Art Deco.

Sensational interior design

Art deco style furniture, thanks to massive, with rounded shapes – their production was made possible by new technology, modeling plywood. His fascination with skyscrapers inspired design – the result of this were, for example high, slender bookcase with a stepped form. Shelves are mounted on brackets so as to expose the surface of plywood – a material that has replaced a full timber, which is typical of the old plastic furniture.
The art deco used precious wood species from traditional mahogany, through the sycamore, maple, and walnut and light oak. Fashionable rosewood and was also recognized as an exclusive ebony veneer. Completed a lacquer furniture surfaces. Also used wood marquetry and furniture were coated with shark or snake skin and shagreen, which is imitation shark skin.

Art Deco style furniture

Today, furniture, art deco style finish of veneers, including exotic wood, and leather, like a crocodile. The legacy of this style are massive desk, dresser, cupboards and chests of drawers veneered with exotic wood. The stoic nature of the soft sofas furniture softened with flowing shapes, often with a thick rectangular pillows. Trendy upholstery fabrics have different shades of white. Often, the skin was found to leisure furniture. Tables were designed by combining wood with metal and szk?em.Du?ym success enjoyed coffee tables. Furniture is often decorated with exotic materials such as ivory. But their beauty was to be manifested in terms of functionality, not in sophisticated patterns. It showed through design, comfortable and ergonomic furniture. This was most evident in the kitchen. Instead, the kitchen cupboards proposed a simple cubic cabinet standard height, covered with a flat top – that was a string of corner, foundation of contemporary cuisine. In the 30s kitchens have become popular with its shiny white cabinets standing sets and a range of wall cabinets.

Today, furniture, art deco style finish of veneers

Art Deco took care of complex equipment design. Also been designed in the style of fabric, lighting and small accessories. The windows were adorned with straight, reaching to the floor curtains topped with painted or fabric valance obci?gni?tym a geometrical decor in the middle. For this epoch is characterized by hanging lamps in the shape of marbled bowls, wall of opaque glass and chrome in the shape of shells, cups, bowls, and triangles, and table lamps with bases of plexiglass and chrome and lights in the shape of stylized female characters. Fashionable crystal mirrors were also on top in the shape of an Aztec pyramid. This era also owe their popularity to slender vases. Also, the radio styled on the old form of housing derive from the radio cabinets, which are alluded to, in turn, art deco furniture.

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