Beautify Your Bathroom With These Delightful Flooring Options

If you were under the impression that bathrooms don’t need to be glamorised as the rest of your home, then you have surely been living under a rock. Bathroom renovation is a big deal when it comes to house remodelling, and so consumers like to opt for only what’s luxurious-looking, comfortable and out-of-the-box for their bathrooms. 

While every little detail matters, flooring is one particular element with which you can’t afford to go wrong- especially when it’s for a bathroom! So, how will you ever know about the right flooring options which can quickly turn into the perfect flooring solutions for you? By diving into the post below! Read on to make a wise choice.

Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone variants like marble and granite are tempting flooring alternatives which appeal to the consumers who are amused by the luxurious living concept. Undoubtedly, natural stone looks stunning and exhibits solid characteristics like durability, high aesthetic appeal and longevity. Since some natural stone varieties can be slippery, options like slate will better solve your purpose, thanks to its slip resistance.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles need no introduction. They have been around for years and earned a stronghold in the market as one of the most versatile bathroom flooring variants. Scratch, dent, stain and water resistance along with long-term value, are some of the highlights of ceramic tiles. Another reason why ceramic tiles are a premier pick for bathroom flooring is its wide variety of patterns, textures and colours. You can contact the leading tilers in Wellington to get your queries answered.

Vinyl Flooring

Known for its charismatic designs, ease of maintenance and waterproof and slip-resistance built, vinyl flooring needs no further reasons to be installed in your washrooms. Vinyl is available in sheet, plank and tile choices, so you can pick whatever option makes more sense to you. Also, it is a low-cost and low-maintenance option which is especially loved by budget homeowners. 

Concrete Flooring

What can be more durable and industrial looking than concrete for your bathroom revamp? Concrete is an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for your home, which will fit right in your budget. While concrete alone gives your bathroom a unique appeal, you can use it as a base for other floorings when you eventually grow tired of it. 

Cork & Linoleum

Even though cork & linoleum are two entirely different flooring components, why there are clubbed in this point is because they have a common factor- eco-friendliness. Both the variants are crafted from natural elements which make them a safe option for your home. While linoleum features antimicrobial characteristics and water and fire resistance, cork ensures an ultra-soft and comfortable feel under feet.

Recycled Glass Tile

The last yet costly flooring alternative which will help you secure tons of praises and applauds in this list is the recycled glass tile. Such a flooring is an eco-friendly option made from recycled glass embedded in raisin. It is highly popular for its luxurious and minimalistic appeal, and its sturdy designs make it resistant to scratches, water and staining. Also, you have plenty of colour variants at your disposal, making it an option worth its high price.

Even though you have a plethora of flooring options to choose from, the concept of bathroom tiles in NZ for both the wall and the floors is becoming increasingly popular. While keeping your budget at priority, make sure that you surf through the latest trends and then finalise a flooring option which fits the bill well for you. 

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