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Baroque for the first time in the history of art combined two notions of style and way of life. For interior design is characterized by the Baroque splendor, the spatial scale. Variability, fancy a game of images in the interiors of this style is comparable to the complexity of the conch-baroque, in whose honor it was named. After the simplicity in the decoration of rooms humanity once again returns to the elegance and luxury. Plastic forms of decorations, ornate and complex interlocking patterns creating hills and volume. It was promoted and fresco painting, were abundantly decorated with arches of ceilings and walls. Quite often used for decoration of the walls of large, sloping down to the floor woven carpets, the walls are hung the same size mirror, decorated with a massive gilded stucco. Ornament consists of various interlocking branches, large leaves and large flowers.

The Baroque Interior

If you prefer, you can introduce an element of the Baroque style in the interior, such as: cover designs carved or burnt round countertop any old table. Small decorative pillows that can be sewn out of old velvet dresses, complement impression. The interior in the Baroque style requires a richly decorated windows. Changes have concerned themselves tables. In addition to large refectory appear and special console tables, which are installed in the walls. Most often they are designed for watches, jewelry boxes, candelabra and other trifles, which decorates the interior. For each of them specially selected furniture, each of which performs a specific function. For example, in the interior of the cabinet must be present desk, cabinets for books and office. Sometimes the interior is decorated with a large globe or hanging on the wall maps.

Baroque Style

Bedroom except his bedchamber function also serves as a living room. It often take guests. Characterized by a canopy over the bed, but a more refined form than in the previous era. Baroque interior small country house is not suitable, because it requires a large space, the use of massive pieces of furniture and decorations that will narrow the already small amount and salacious suburban thieves. But if you liked the Baroque, we can confine ourselves to a small stylized, using only some of the details. When using the baroque interior of the cottage, consider the color scheme room to separate it into upper and lower level, to make the walls of small niches and placed statues or favorite vase with floral and pastoral miniatures. It is important to observe a sense of proportion, not the Baroque will look ridiculous.

Baroque Style Interior

The interior is baroque, it has been actively used bright colors, unusual shapes, beautiful painted ceilings and gilt.
Keep pace with urban planners and architects. They began to build lavish palaces and villas, surrounded by grandiose regular park. Each plant in them “know their place. ” Trees and shrubs are sheared in the form of cones, ovals, flower beds shape fancy scrollwork. A shining example of baroque ensemble is Versailles Palace. French baroque most gracefully. Its shape is not just lush and luxurious, stately, unique. The walls of rich palaces to delay expensive fabrics, adorned with stucco or carved wood. In private apartments liked to hang on the walls of elegant tapestries. Ceilings painted by skilled painters. The most popular baroque interior colors were white, in combination with gold. Were fashionable floral ornaments. In place of calm classical forms of circles and ovals come meandering spirals. The surface of the furniture and interior loses its smoothness and becomes rough, convex-concave, top coated with lacquer.


Bed in the Baroque era was one of the most magnificent retractable interior. Guests often take lying down in bed, so bed is gradually took the form of the tent with plenty of curtains, draperies, and ornaments. Cabinets and secretaries were decorated with carvings and elegant finish. Another novelty in the furniture business – chest of drawers. There was widespread clock, decorated with bronze, glass cabinets, pedestals for sculptures, double-wardrobes. Turned legs tightly held massive furniture. Necessary to subject every bedroom has a dressing table and stand on it with a big mirror. The interior reflects the baroque influences of his era. This is the greatness of imperial and aristocratic power, as expressed in the majestic architecture, lush interiors, gilded furniture, splendor and luxury lifestyle. In endless curls, the mass of precious materials were enclosed power. Now, baroque style associated with the museum. Live in such a situation seriously – too crushes plenty of gold and ornaments.

Baroque Style

This style is characteristic of space and complex forms. The painting, which are covered by mirrors, ceiling and walls, contains exquisite images of fruit and flowers, the animal kingdom, the angels and the beautiful nymphs. The magnificence of the interior underlines the abundance of gilded moldings, chandeliers and soft carpets with intricate designs and a multitude of details, harmonizing with each other, such as vases, statues and various trinkets. The furniture in the room should be to match the style luxury and bright. Painting and coating of varnish, upholstery made of expensive, fancy fabrics. In the baroque fashion and decoration inlaid with crystal and gold, silver plates, plated and coated with nacre. In the Baroque no place straight, sharp lines, all circuits should be soft, which is characteristic, including for modular furniture, which has lateral and upper bounds become intricate shapes. In the popular baroque wooden mosaic of contrasting rocks, abundant carved with mythical stories, and the legs of furniture in this style is certainly high, and gracefully curved. Baroque, its appearance must bookcases, chests, bureaus and coffee tables.

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