Best Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

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Nobody would argue that the modern kitchen should not only affect the views of guests’ original design, but also a delight for its performance and the reasonableness of the optimal location of all kitchen appliances. This is especially significant for small kitchens where space is limited. First of all, you need to think about how to best use available space for cabinets and shelves. Depending on how well they will be placed, you will save a large part of the time spent before finding the right items and devices and, hence, the preparation edy. Vybiraya cabinet, pay attention to what is inside him. It may be, in addition to ordinary shelves, various designs for more rational use of space and special organizers for convenient storage of flatware, various lattices and compartments for bottles and cans, the grid frame with hooks on which to hang a huge number of those kitchen details that should always be at hand.

modern kitchen in the original style

modern kitchen in the original style

If you have a big family and, consequently, a lot of waste such as paper, cans, boxes, plastic utensils, cardboard, bottles and the like, set in the kitchen garbage press. He’s in a few seconds makes almost any household garbage into a compact package. Press can be placed in any convenient place, for example, in the locker under the sink. You can choose the color on the front door press, which would be best suited to the interior kuhni. Price selection of cutlery should prefer a qualitative and a decorative bowl that will not be ashamed to hang along the walls or placed on open shelves. Wooden spoons, skimmers, knives put into a large vase of ceramic, which should be close to plenty. Posudu and kitchen appliances that while cooking you use most often, put on open shelves so that they were always at hand.

modern kitchen

modern kitchen

There is a very original idea, you can easily implement in your kitchen. This idea is called the “kitchen tree” and represents a broad pole, from two to three centimeters in diameter, arranged vertically and set so that one end he rested on the floor, while others – in the ceiling. Also, this pole can be embedded in the appropriate table for this purpose.
On the “kitchen tree” at any height to set various stands, shelves, hangers and other devices for storing small items. All the shelves rotate around its axis, so enjoy them even more convenient. The same principle is based on the so-called revolving racks that are used to fill the space in the corners of the kitchen.

The original idea for the kitchen

original idea for the kitchen

When choosing a kitchen table should be considered in the first place, the size of your family. If the family is big, choose a large dining table with a smooth surface that can be used not only for eating but for cooking food. If your family consists of several people, the rational option is to use the breakfast bar or a small folding table and chairs that are easy to skladyvayutsya.I, finally, the final detail of the practical and at the same time, comfortable kitchen – the curtains. They should not be too wide and long as such curtains create an impression of cluttering up the space. In addition, in the folds of excess tissue accumulates dust and grease. Make sure that during the airing kitchen curtains fluttering in the wind is not dangerously close to plity.Esli from your kitchen window a beautiful view, you can never be used in interior blinds, it is better to decorate the box with beautiful flowers or special accessories. And, of course, do not forget the blinds that look great in any kitchen.

Practical and Comfortable Kitchen

Whether you are remodeling an old kitchen or designing a new kitchen for a new home, features – the key to the kitchen proektu.Nalichie functional location in the kitchen not only makes the kitchen a good place to invite family and guests, but it also makes the whole process of cooking is very convenient! If the kitchen design will be done correctly, and it will not function properly for you, it would be terribly inconvenient and irritating. Keep reading to learn how to make things right.
Basics of functional kitchen designs are assigned to the location and placement of the refrigerator, stove and sink.You do not want your sink was across the room opposite the plate? Walking with a hot pan or pans not only makes a mess on your floor, but it can be dangerous. What if you spotyknetes about a child who crawls on the floor? Functional kitchen design will have a zone of cooking in very close proximity to the sink.

Functional Models Kitchen

The same rules apply to the refrigerator. It should also be in close proximity to the furnace. If you’re cooking and need something that you need to quickly get out of the fridge, you do not want to walk fifteen feet to reach etogo. Dumayte about places where you’ll make room for food, canned food, herbs, and spices. Ensure that you take all these things into consideration when you make your kitchen design will make it truly functional for you as soon as your kitchen will smontirovana. Nalichie functional kitchen is not difficult to achieve if it is designed properly from the beginning. Think of your devices and your lockers. As soon as you put them where they should be, everything else will fall into mesta.Poetomu in the selection of furniture for the kitchen is important to consider everything: style cuisine, colors, materials from which the furniture is made.

Styles for kitchen equipment set. You can make classic cuisine or the Art Nouveau style. Classical furniture is better to use in private homes with spacious rooms. Nouveau style suited for apartments, kitchens are limited in space. When choosing colors should be guided by the location of the kitchen. If the room is located on the sunny side, then fit the cool colors-gray, green, blue. For darkened kitchens are perfect pink, yellow, orange. After selecting a kitchen should determine the technique for the kitchen. Built-in furniture making kitchen set complete and harmonious, but it costs a bit more expensive. But you do not think that was close to the cabinet when heated plate can damage the wall. Whatever cuisine you choose for yourself, as long as there you can relax, drink tea with family or friends.

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