Best Modern Italian Kitchen Designs

Modern and bold, often breaking stereotypes. Fill the center of the climate, surprisingly original ideas on the use of space. Projects of Italian stylists presenting what is fashionable in kitchens.Still fashionable kitchen is white, especially in shades of snow, cold white, which increases the super-space and is ideal for small apartments. Accent color in a white kitchen is either a detail or an exposition space – for example, set side by side cabinet fronts and drawers.Italian furniture are the geometric structure, a uniform, often devoid of handles veneers, so the kitchen is “visually clean.” In these kitchens, or forms a decorative element or a chandelier adorned the hood – which looks like a lamp or a piece of the spacecraft. Because Italian kitchens are for customers seeking new solutions, not fearing to experiment with space and the dawn of time form?.Od cuisine is one of the main room in every home, where both were prepared and eaten meals, a kind of hearth. Even in villages where houses typically consisted of one room in a different room business was created so-called summer kitchen to hearth and a center to perform any kind of meals or milk is the most zachowane.Dawniej kitchen to be associated with a typical coal-fired cuisine, the he was firing up, ab s play to get heat into the water, or to cook the soup, and today all kinds of kitchens have been replaced by coal gas and electric cookers. The importance of the kitchen but not change and it is referred to as the center of any house, without which a housewife could not be dispensed with.

Interior of the kitchen in Italian style

Hence the importance of appropriate equipment and furnishings kitchen to suit the interior decor to our expectations, that was spacious and bright, because the performance of any act in such a room is more pleasant and less tiring. The kitchen is primarily a functional space in which to find the aforementioned stove, refrigerator and the necessary number of cupboards to store utensils, plates and food, if your kitchen is very large, we can also be placed in the dishwasher, or a modern piece of the twentieth century. Apart from this, what gear to choose, the most important that it be properly arranged for us to have free access to all of the cabinets, the sink and the fridge, where we take the products to carry food on the stove. With regard to the principles set in the kitchen appliances, well when one side of the sink is a microwave, dishwasher and on the other, because access to these facilities should be free and close to the sink directly. Then the usual setting of the water for tea, or putting dirty dishes from the sink to the dishwasher, it will be nice and fast operations performed several times a day.

The kitchen in the Italian style of interior meet our expectations

If your kitchen is very spacious, we should ask ourselves whether or not to combine it with the dining area, which will also facilitate our work in this room and make it becomes a meeting place for the whole family for meals. Then, usually at one of the walls are all the necessary furniture and kitchen equipment, while on the opposite wall is located dining area. Ideal in these systems works in the kitchen bar. If your kitchen is really big, we can also set up a table with chairs in the middle, so you get more effect coziness the whole room, then the center of the table should be placed chandelier lighting it while eating, as well as when performing other household activities.

Modern kitchen in an Italian style

Before you design the interior of the entire kitchen, you might want to present your visualization of the figure, through which our kitchen and will be elaborated in detail, and its interior will be designed exactly according to our needs and tastes. The most important principle of the kitchen furnishing the security, ease and economy of movement throughout the interior, the maximum functionality of the room. Once we have set the room to the kitchen, consider it an isolated corner in the shape of a triangle, where we can store all products, prepare and cook, so this will be the angle which should also find a cooker. That is why there is a rule to the sink and stove do not put on the wall opposite, but on one wall, preferably at an angle forming the shape of letter L. As for the refrigerator, it should be placed away from heat sources, which is quite a different wall than our oven.

Kitchen interior design in Italian style

In designing the kitchen just as important, if not the most important is adequate lighting. It should be borne in mind for general lighting and local lighting, especially where there is a worktop for the preparation of all food, stove and sink. The so-called hood is not only an excellent sink for all kinds of smells, but also a great light that part of the kitchen. Also in the kitchen design should include an appropriate number of contacts, we can easily connect a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher, and we had many contacts in the store to plug in other small appliances are used every day in the kitchen. Equally important front lighting, is also a fan, that is, the aforementioned hood to exhaust unwanted odors and ventilation grille, large enough to easily absorbed all the flavors. In this case, the important element is the large window, kitchen with free and continuous access to the possibility of its opening.

Italian style kitchen with open access

When our kitchen decoration, basic criteria for the selection and design of the interiors are always a practical overtones, but we want also a tasteful and elegant kitchen interior design, so we have to remember that the kitchen design is just as important as the interior living room or bedroom, because it is a of the many rooms of our house, we should feel good, and that the other rooms is an integral whole. Kitchen is not just a kitchen cabinet and household equipment, is also a place for decorations such as vases, potpourri, place a glass on tableware and other decorative elements chosen according to our own liking and to fit the entire interior design.

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