Best Retro Kitchen Design Ideas

Roaring 60th in America, pink convertibles, and cosmic rock’n’roll hairstyles. The ideal American family in a cottage on suburbs. In the beautiful and perfect housewife preparing dinner in her retro kitchen. This picture of these years, we know from the films of the era. Why not be inspired by a style era? Transfer a few accents in our modern kitchen or faithfully reproduce the climate of the times when the American dream is fulfilled. We do not have to look for antique furniture at the fair. Today, more and more manufacturers to offer a stylized home appliances for the period 60th. Although it looks like alive at the time passed, the equipment is fully modern and functional. Refrigerators in oval shapes with shiny handles can be purchased from several manufacturers. Smeg, Gorenje, Ardo offer retro versions in different colors and designs. With the purchase of less stylized home appliances also will not have k?opotu.Styl also vintage pastel colors. Delicate pinks, blues, turquoise, whitened greens and white and creamy. Simple enough modern cabinets in white and a few stylized accessories to make an appropriate atmosphere. If you want more literal, we can attempt to black-and-white checkered floor, porcelain sink and faucet retro. Dinette can take the look straight from the American roadside bar with shiny chrome chairs obitymi synthetic leather. Fabrics in the dots and geometric patterns complement the whole. Stylish accent will also be advertising poster on the subject of cooking. We can find the original in antique shops and auctions, but it might as well examine the modern kopia.Stylem 60s, we can have fun and be treated seriously. It’s light, funny and colorful. Some interesting stylized accessories will accent a modern kitchen. But if we want we can move in time and fully feel the atmosphere of crazy times of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, even if only in the kitchen.

interior of kitchen in retro style

interior of kitchen in retro style

Kitchens retro look as if they were alive, removed from the days of our grandmothers and great-grandmother. However, not everyone can boast a genuine antique at food preparation, kitchen furniture, usually because they are stylized to age properly washed and finished. Thus evoke memories of my own childhood, as well as trips to the grandparents who had a pantry in which food is kept. Only smart kids were able to sneak them so that no adult has noticed, though they knew who stole the treats. To obtain the effect of retro, you can purchase specially made furniture or special materials postarzy? their own. Not everyone can afford the accessories numbering several decades, especially since some of them would be best not to use after such a long time. However, even food processors have a additions that bring the mood of the past, such as wood paneling. You can also set on the shelves of old churns, pestles, crafted chopping boards, bowls of fruit and vegetables, and even real mortars. Favored by the appropriate decoration of walls and floors, you can put wood paneling. Often found in the decorative stucco, original lamps and decorative crystals. Retro Kitchens should be equipped with furniture in a similar fashion.

Kitchens retro look as if they were alive

Incredibly cozy and warm kitchen, where we not only prepare meals, but also willing to spend hours talking with family or friends. An atmosphere conducive to further closeness dining area too, with a table top is connected with table kuchennym.Drewniane ecru-colored furniture, granite countertop, original ornaments, and perfectly matched accessories and kitchen accessories – all this creates the unique character of the room. It must be remembered that this type of design fits primarily to large rooms where you can properly showcase the beauty of Victorian styleThis, you just have to feel it. And in adult life I wanted to create a little bit of the kitchen. But times have changed, so I had to adjust to contemporary cuisine. Thoroughly Modern, ergonomic, and yet the climate. Cabinet doors are antique, oak leaf mimics, oven retro-styled, but the top section of the stove is original – friends gave us more than a hundred years old kredensik his ancestors, and it’ll odrestaurowali?my. In memory I mentioned earlier, glass drawer. I decided I also want this. I was looking for a few years in the antiques fair, but to no avail. So the compromise of modern Ikea … and succeeded. Suitable for all. Stone pots of pickled cucumbers, a form of stone, poured into baking cakes, and cabinet hardware … Blum to serve as cabinet najd?u?ej.Jaki effect of my efforts? You can judge for yourself. Fronts of MDF board with the label of Elblag. Little to no waiting, because I have tinted a recess in a “mysterious” way, and it takes a while.

Incredibly cozy and warm retro kitchen

While in the modern kitchen you can imagine with closed eyes to be all ‘inside of a spaceship to’ cutting edge, offering a wide range of choice, from super technology to the essential, leaving no stone unturned to caso.Infatti day d ‘today’s modern kitchens are designed to the limit of perfection as possible to facilitate the work in the home of the woman among the various daily tasks has little time to devote to family life. Kitchen and heart of the house. With a kitchen you will find the rustic atmosphere and generous personalizzata.Una studied simplicity, an oasis of silence in a world increasingly agitated citizen will find in the modern kitchen. So you justify the existence of a varied range of mobile cucina.Qualunque choice would, think that cooking real expression of our way of vivere.

retro kitchen heart of the home

Are we to buy a kitchen the first question that comes to mind is: “Modern kitchen or rustic?”.
Keep in mind your tastes, if you love everything that is ultra modern technology you can never choose a rustic kitchen, conversely if you love everything that is old or a little ‘retro;
Keep in mind the decor of the house, if your home is in baroque style or fully furnished with antique furniture would be best cuisine in rustic, modern one becomes a bridge too far and would transform the room into a completely different from the rest of casa.La kitchen is the soul of the house, the less formal and more emotional environments, where someone is to receive welcome, it enters its “home”.

To make a good food, of course, you need a good kitchen. That is a kitchen that can support all your needs, from those who use it alone to cook for a family kitchen numerosa.La recalls the rustic mountain huts, farms and homes of the peasants, which is a rural, uncomfortable, away from the habits contemporanee.Si can find modern kitchens for any budget, without compromising on quality or design and can be designed in detail, according to our spaces, our movements, our whims: who has always wanted a kitchen with peninsula, will find every model and every possible form, which prefers a minimalist kitchen will only choose the furniture essential.

retro kitchen ultra modern technology

A first approach coveted ideal kitchen (in addition to personal taste) is certainly a careful evaluation of the style of the house and furnishings have already chosen, since the combination of modern and rustic is not always successful. Hardly, a rustic kitchen in a house will be suited to ultra-modern, like a modern kitchen would not be in tune with the intimacy of a house style or art povera.Le modern kitchens are characterized by the use of materials such as colored laminates, steel and light woods, finishes and decided well defined. In a similar kitchen, appliances are shielded by wooden panels that hide the surface is too shiny and “space” of today’s appliances, which may be a bit out of tune ‘with the style of retro cucina.Dal terms of maintenance, modern kitchens through the use of material fact “modern” are more easily handled without having to resort to the use of products specifici.La choice between a kitchen and a modern style kitchen is therefore not so simple, must be carefully considered, since that the factors that interfere in the evaluation are numerous. In summary, to guide you in choosing the right food, keep in mind especially the style that prevails in the rest of the house, so as not to create unpleasant contrasts, and then pay attention to different approaches to the maintenance of two very different kitchens feature elements .

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