Bring your old carpet to use – sell them but with care

If you are soon vacating your house or renovating it, you tend to get rid of lots of items from the place. Some of these really deteriorate and you’ll have to trash them. But there would also be some items which might be really in good condition, and you can sell them at second-hand rates. Like, your carpets for example. If your carpet still looks like it can live for five or more years, then why not sell it if you don’t require it anymore?

Tips to sell your used carpets really fast

There is nothing wrong in earning money out of your surplus items. Even your carpet when it’s unwanted can be sold to buyers. Just remember to follow these steps so that you get a good response and rate for this easily.

  • Clean it thoroughly — No matter how attractive your carpet is, remember nobody buys it if it has stains on it. Even if you feel that a nasty smell is prevalent, the buyers will run away. So, the first thing you have to make sure is to clean and disinfect the carpet very thoroughly. We would highly recommend you not to try it at home as you can leave it moistened that causes nasty smell and even the stains might not get erased entirely. Instead, call Pro Carpet Cleaning for carpet cleaning in Auckland. They provide you services for deep cleaning of the carpets, upholstery, and even your rugs. After you’ve cleaned the carpets, these would appear fresh and stunning and might attract the sellers at one go!
  • Click good pictures — The next step to easily sell your carpet is to click some really marvellous pictures of the same. What you can do is, let some natural light come inside, or switch on the lights if streaming in natural light isn’t possible, call the professional photographers, and click attractive pictures.
  • Describe and upload the carpet on the websites — There are lots of websites that help you sell your unwanted and used goods at reasonable prices. You just have to upload the pictures along with a strong but short description of the carpet so that your potential buyers know what they are getting their hands on. You can describe the material, quality, and lifetime of the carpet in the description and wait for a good response.
  • Determine the price — Let us be very realistic. Since you are already selling your used item, you have to be very practical in determining the price for the same. It makes no sense in quoting really high charges for the carpets which will turn away the interested buyers from your advertisement. Instead, be reasonable and quote the sum that attracts the attention of the buyers immediately.

Now you just have to wait and relax. Before you vacate the house or begin the remodeling job, the buyers for the carpet would be streaming at your doorsteps.

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