Christmas Decor: Are You Forgetting To Decorate These Spaces In Your House?

This is the time of the year again! The Christmas season is the perfect time to think about the Christmas decorations. Do you feel like you’re not decorating specific spaces as you go through your home?

If you’re unsure where to begin or what areas you might be missing, check out this article for valuable tips. From the kitchen entryway area to bathrooms and more, this post will assist you in making sure that the entire house is set for Santa.


When decorating for Christmas, bathrooms are usually neglected. However, this space inside your home could benefit from some Christmas spirit! There are various ways to spice up your bathroom for the Christmas season. For instance, you can hang an ornament on the door or the wall and set it on a Christmas-themed hand towel or add a candle on the counter. If you want to be extravagant, put a small Christmas tree or other ornaments on your toilet tank. If you think the bathroom isn’t festive enough, light the mirror.

Long Hallway

If there is a long hallway within your home, don’t forget to decorate it with Christmas decorations. It is possible to begin with hanging garlands or Christmas lights throughout the hallway. Also, you can install a festive rug runner in the center of the foyer to give it an elegant look. To make the décor stand out, it is possible to choose banners with Christmas themes.

Dining Area

Your dining area is among the most critical rooms within your home during the holidays. It’s where you get together with your family and friends to share festive meals and create memories. Make sure that you do not forget to decorate it. The idea is to be extravagant in this case. Begin with a festive tablecloth. It will set the tone for your other decor. Add some festive greenery to your table. It could be a garland, a wreath, or even a few pine needles or holly. Add sparkles with candles, glass ornaments, or other holiday-themed elements. Make sure to include the centerpiece. It could be a flower arrangement, a fruit bowl, or a gingerbread home. Hide some stockings on the sideboard or mantel to complete the look.

Open Shelves

When thinking of Christmas decorations, be sure to think about your shelves. It doesn’t matter if they are in the kitchen or another part of your home. These spaces are perfect places to put on an extra touch of Christmas festive cheer. Decorate with wreaths or garlands on the shelves, or drape these with small fairy lights. Include festive decorations such as tiny snow globes or nutcrackers. It is also possible to arrange a few books with holiday themes on your shelves or even use them to display Christmas-themed cards.

Coffee Corner

If you love coffee, there is probably the perfect coffee area in your kitchen or home. You may begin your day there to alleviate the morning snooze. But when decorating your home for the holidays, it’s a place that is easy to forget about. However, if you try to decorate it, it can bring more illumination to your home. A simple string of lights or garland could transform your living room into a cozy winter escape. Include a festive mug and some cookies, and you’re ready to welcome the Christmas season and celebrate the New Year.


With the arrival of Christmas around the corner, it is time to start planning your holiday decor. Don’t forget the spaces that are often overlooked within your home! A bit of holiday spirit in these areas can go a long way to make your home appear welcoming and warm this time of year. Take a stroll around your home and ensure that you clean these areas.

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