Creative Home Remodelling Ideas on What to Add and What Not to for Increasing Your Property’s Value!

Home Remodelling Ideas

Whether we disapprove the fact, or disagree with it, but we all know deep down that the real estate market is seeing its downside nowadays! That’s why people are trying really hard to make their property look the most unique and impressive so as to get a good market value – the aim is to secure an offer price as close as possible to the asking price, if not more. But this trend of superbly done up homes has made buyers very choosy, and demanding too. Buyers are no longer satisfied with the basics. They want top notch qualities and highly updated amenities.   

That is why people are upgrading their homes every new season, so that they can present a convenient and efficient home when they put it on the market for sale. But even here, be very particular and research well on what extensions or alterations you are planning for the property. Because some of it can even decrease your property’s value (yes, you heard us right!). And what ups the value of the property naturally depends upon various properties, like the locality, neighbourhood, climatic conditions etc.

Amazing remodelling and extension ideas that can attract a lot of customers to buy your house.

To be on the safer side, there are certain home remodelling ideas and extensions which never go out of trends, and are always a hit in attracting potential customers. But, before reading that, remember, you’ll have to spend some moolah as investment to update your property so as to get the best price for it. If you are ready for the same, do read the strategic changes to your home that can increase its market value (And also note what may hinder your sales)!

  • Remodel the kitchen— Remodelling and updating the kitchen pleases a lot of buyers. Who doesn’t want a bespoke gourmet kitchen complete with all kinds of gadgets and appliances?! Also, while you are at it, a lot of emphasis should be laid on the storage factor and also proper lighting.  Add an island or a kitchen table with some seating around it so that friends and family can hang out while you whip up your culinary magic. These stations could even be used for everyday informal meals, while the formal dining room can wait celebrations and gatherings. More buyers today prefer an open kitchen plan so that whoever cooks don’t feel secluded from the rest of the household. A window or a French door and proper ventilation is a must for any comfortable kitchen. As you design the plan, ask yourself – would a person feel happy working here?! If your answer is yes, you are sorted.
  • Add a deck and some more outdoor extensions — Outdoor living space is growing in demand, as indoor areas are getting compact. People love lazing outside on their decks and patios, and love gardening in the weekends. These are also favourite spots to entertain. Also, if you add a carport or a garage, it would add more value to the place. Not to forget the idea of a granny flat too, if you have ample space for it. But also keep in mind never to let the place become too cramped by building all of these in a small plot – take your pick wisely. For best designed and properly constructed extensions for your property, contact Total Developments, a construction Company in New Zealand, that helps in constructing the best rooms and extensions to your home in the most convenient way.
  • Extra rooms and bathrooms — If you think you have got a big terrace, or the bedrooms and other rooms are too spacious, you can squeeze in an extra room. This would make your home best for the new generation customers who value privacy more than anything else, and that’s why want more bedrooms in their homes. The same goes for bathrooms too! Sharing here too seems to be passé. But remember, if you already have lots of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home, or do not have ample space for such additions, don’t go for it. And if the locality where you live In is famous for homes with open terraces or is a fabulously scenic area, closing up a terrace to create an indoor space may bring down the house’s market value. So, do your research well before doing any alterations to your home.
  • Curb Appeal – The exterior creates the first impression. So that has to be a stellar one! Do it is always advisable to give your home a good curb appeal. A designer front door, beautiful fencing, strategic landscaping, paved paths – all these may be small additions, but can up the value of your home manifolds.  

Remodelling any place is pleasant and often exciting! But sometimes change can cost a lot! So, extend and remodel your home, but wisely – that way you can ensure return of your investments.

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