Learn the Major Differences Between Commercial and Residential Construction


Nowadays, there’s no doubt that construction work is slowly becoming one of the most booming businesses around the world, on a global basis. Most of these construction projects take place in the developing and urban regions. 

Be it performing maintenance and repairs or building real estates – all of these are part of the construction industry – performed by builders in Wellington. Therefore, it’s indeed very critical to know the types of construction and the differences between them. Construction can be mainly classified into either residential construction or commercial construction. There’s also another category, which is known as industrial construction. But, for now, we’ll only be focusing on the main categories. 

The Differences Between Commercial And Residential Construction

  1. The Main Use Of The Property

Most people out don’t know the main differences between residential and construction work. As the name suggests, commercial construction work is for organisations who are looking to make business and create profits. It involves the leasing, building and selling of various components that include manufacturing plant equipment, shopping centres and even factories as well. The overall size of a commercial construction property will be larger compared to residential. 

Furthermore, the scale of work and operations are also vast and thereby requires a higher level of expertise too. On the flip side, residential construction deals with mainly building homes and apartment complexes. The buildings are built for families to live either as the owner or the tenant.

  1. Types Of Permits Allowed

It should be remembered that all types of construction should be adhering to some amount of rules and regulations. However, the overall complexity of these rules and regulation is much higher in case of commercial construction projects, compared to residential ones. 

It should be known that a commercial firm will need to abide by many compliances, including dealing with multiple factors such as parking spaces, safety and also the development of the state. 

  1. The Kind Of Equipment Required To Perform The Work

Sophistical equipment is required to build a property of large size. There will be a need to use cranes as well as other complex equipment, to get the job done faster and smoother. As a result, there will be fewer issues to deal with for the contractor. 

But, on the other hand, residential construction doesn’t need such complex equipment to perform the work. It can be done with the help of simple equipment.

  1. Pace Of The Work

Unlike residential construction, commercial construction is done with time limits and schedules in mind. Since commercial construction is made for business-oriented organisations, the work pace will be faster when compared to building homes.

However, these commercial constructions are also done with quality and accuracy in mind, which is why they need skilled and experienced labourers for the same.

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