Easy Upholstery Cleaning Tips To Follow For Spring

The spring season is the ideal time to give your upholstery a full-on cleaning makeover. Even showing a little love for your home upholstery can go a long way in extending its longevity. Moreover, with the proper maintenance procedures, you can make your upholstery look great throughout the entire year. 

If you’re cleaning your upholstery for the first time, then it can feel a little intimidating because you don’t have the knowledge or the experience. But, don’t worry, as, in this comprehensive blog post, we’ll be sharing some essential suggestions which will help you perform your cleaning process seamlessly. 

Tips & Tricks For Cleaning Upholstery In The Spring Season

  1. Learn About Your Upholstery Fabrics

Before you decide to perform any scrubbing or vacuuming, you have to make sure that you learn about the various upholstery fabrics that you’ll be cleaning. According to a professional service provider for upholstery cleaning in Auckland, different kinds of fabrics will need different cleaning procedures. For instance, if the fabric is leather, then you need to simply wipe it clean as opposed to another fabric such as wool which will require gentle blotting. 

Most upholstery fabrics come with care tags where the manufacturer explicitly mentions the method of cleaning. Therefore, it’s crucial to always choose the best possible treatment process for your upholstery fabric. 

In case you’re having trouble understanding certain care instructions, don’t forget to search on the internet or head over to the manufacturer’s website for proper recommendations. 

  1. Always Eliminate Stains Slowly

If you’re trying to eliminate stains from your upholstery fabric, then you must remember to perform the cleaning task slowly. Based on the type of fabric or material your upholstery possesses, you have to change your methods of the stain removal process. It should be known that most upholstery fabric stains can be dealt with with water and some mild detergent. 

However, in case you have a steam vacuum cleaner, then you can proceed to use it in the stain removal process. Start your journey by first vacuuming the affected or stained area of your upholstery. Once done, you have to spot clean each stain with water & a mild detergent mixture. Always remember to blot and never scrub because too much friction can damage the fibers of your upholstery. After you’re done cleaning, you can let the area air dry and then vacuum the area once more. 

For white-coloured sofas or any other upholstery, using a steam cleaner is the ideal solution. Also, consider the use of slipcovers for your upholstery that are easily removable and washable. These covers are guaranteed to keep your white-colored upholstery clean.

If you want to know more about upholstery cleaning, be sure to contact our experts at any time. 

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