Encapsulation: an Effective Cleaning Method for Your Home

Cleaning Method

If you have unheard-of what encapsulation means, it is a method used to clean and maintain carpets. The process involves spraying a chemical on the carpet and brushing it through a rotary or a cylindrical brush device. The soil particles present on the carpet are surrounded and are crystallized which ensures no other soils are attracted. The soil particles released through encapsulation cleaning method are removed through regular vacuuming. This doesn’t have high moisture and hence carpets can be used without much of a delay. Some of the best companies offer encapsulation services such as the carpet cleaning in West Auckland to improve the appearance of the carpet at an affordable cost.

The encapsulation cleaning method is used only for business maintenance. After completion of this process, the hot water extraction takes place. However, the low-moisture method has proven to be the best option compared to the regular hot water extraction.

  • Why should you go for the encapsulation method?

For most companies, carpet maintenance often works out to be a costly affair. To reduce the financial burden and increase the best outcomes, many companies have now opted for encapsulation. Some of them even chose encapsulation over deep cleaning methods. Encapsulation is the easiest and fastest process as it reduces labour costs and increases productivity. Some of the key features of the encapsulation cleaning process are as follows:

  • Stain Spots

Besides cleaning carpets efficiently and quickly than the hot water extraction method, encapsulation keeps the carpets cleaner for the higher duration of time. As a result, the requirement for deep cleaning is prolonged. When you use the best quality detergent, it resists soil, unlike the regular detergents that attracts soil are also sticky.

  • Better than hot water extraction

Majority of commercial spaces today are using carpet tiles with a vinyl cover that are dense and as a result, the airflow is restricted. It becomes tough to remove spills and spots through hot water extraction. As far as encapsulation is concerned, it is indeed an excellent option to clean up after spills. For example, call centres mostly operate for 24 hours per day and people are stuck to their desks. There are high chances of spills and using the hot water extraction method can be a bit too noisy. If this is the scenario, the experts use the encapsulated chemical on the stain or spot directly using a spray bottle. This allows the soil to get surrounded and trapped. Thereafter, the soil is brushed off the surface, removed and then the carpet is vacuumed.

Instead of waiting to opt for encapsulation method only when you notice spills and stains on your carpets, it is best to make it a permanent routine to maintain the carpets especially for prominent areas. There is always wear and tear and formation of soil on your carpets. Pay attention to those spots, vacuum and encapsulate the areas to see the outcomes.

  • Why is Encapsulation referred to as low moisture?

It is indeed low moisture cleaning process as it uses minimal water when compared to other cleaning methods such as the hot water extraction. Most of the facilities used to clean the carpets end up using many gallons of water whereas the encapsulation method uses about 2 to 3 gallons of water. This method does not have a high impact on nature. The water gets evaporated from the carpet and thereafter the polymer gets vacuumed up and begins to move towards the landfill. The hot water extraction process involves contaminated water which comes out from the carpet. To sum it up, encapsulation is the best method to consider if you wish to maintain and clean your carpets

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