Four Essential Tips for Proper Mold Removal

Finding black mold infestation at your home can be a nasty surprise. This generally occurs when there’s a leak or too much humidity in the room, thereby enabling the mold spores which may have spread through the ventilation system, to take root. Black mold is extremely harmful to humans, especially for those with weakened lungs or a compromised immune system. And given the current pandemic doing the rounds, it has become all the more essential to tackle the mold infestation right away. Here’s how to go about it, check out the tips.

  • Safety Wear: When it comes to mold removal in Auckland, it is all the more necessary that you wear the required safety clothes before tackling the mold on your own. Of course, the better option would be to use a professional but if you are still set on handling it yourself, then you need to make sure that you wear safety goggles, a shower cap, gloves, shoes, as well as P1 or P2 face masks. Wearing this gear, you can prevent breathing in any of the spores and take the required measures to protect yourself. And it’s all the more essential that you carry your asthmatic meds with you at all times. The complete gear should be suitable to protect you from spreading the spores to the other areas of your home. Just make sure that the room is well shielded, as you go ahead and tackle the black mold. 
  • Remove the Moisture: As mentioned earlier, when it comes to mold removal, the first thing that you need to tackle is to remove the conditions that caused it to bloom in the first place. And that’s nearly always moisture. Run a random check to see if there are any hidden leaks, near the walls, which can account for the mold. It tends to grow in damp, unventilated rooms and you need to make sure that you have removed the moisture out of the equation. Ensure that the room no longer has any leaks contributing to the black mold situation; call in a plumber to fix the leaks.
  • Dispose of Old, Moldy Items: If the black mold infestation happens to be in the attic or the basement, then it could also be a case of old, moldy items contributing to the mold spreading all over the home. Just make sure that you remove the old, moldy items from the basement and throw them out, and get these rooms cleaned altogether.  And as you clean the room, make sure that the room status is well-ventilated with a humidifier going in the background.
  • Cleaning the Black Mold: When it comes to cleaning black mold, the first thing that you need to realize is that you cannot machine-wash soft furnishings and hope that it removes the mold. You would have to call in the professionals for the same; however, for hard surfaces, you can wipe them dry, and use a commercially available detergent to clean up the rest of the room. Once the room is clean enough, you can use a microfiber cloth, and pat it down dry. Clean the rooms regularly so that there is no secondary infestation to deal with.

Make sure that you review these important points for dealing with black mold infestation. If you are still not sure or feel that you have asthma, you can go ahead and hire some professionals. 

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