General Traits of a Professional House Painter

Your house is no less than your child that you decorate it properly and try to enhance your beauty from time to time. Painting is something that gives you the leverage to ensure that the beauty quotient of your house increases. But, painting is something that can make you panting after some time if you think you can do it by yourself. You need to understand that your weekend and time not devoted to your professional life is for your rest and re-vitalizing yourself. Hence, you must think about hiring house painters who specialize in this domain. Today, you can easily hire house painters in North Shore and Auckland. But, you need to know key parameters that will determine your decision. This article is all about discovering all these parameters and attributes.

I am a Certified Painter

For painting, there is baggage of skill sets that you need to check with every house painter who shows their interest in coloring your house. Every painter can claim that they hold these skills to ensure that you get 100% satisfaction. But, a mere claim should not influence or compel you to select those painters. You also need to check anyone’s painting skills through the certifications they hold. A country like New Zealand has many institutions from where you can avail of any of these courses and learn the essential tenets of painting. On average, after completing these courses, a house painter can earn $ 30k – 50k. 

I have a License

The other essential parameter that can drive you to select a house painter is the license. Well, to practice anything as a profession in any country needs a permit. And, a country like New Zealand is nowhere behind. Painting as a business will also require such a license. Hence, this question must come to your mind to know whether the interested painter carries such entities or not. Give a big NO to those to avoid any mishaps in the future and hire only those who hold the proper legitimacy.

Me & My Experience

Experience teaches many things that are not available in the classes and books. This statement carries gravity and allows more security to your work. Experience is like insurance that you always seek from your painter because it narrates the story of how a painter has handled several projects and how perfect work they can deliver. You need to look with the painting agencies who hold at least five years of experience in this field. 

What Your Network Tells

Networking is very important. Well, there’s no endorsement of any social media or LinkedIn is going here. You will like to ask first in your network if they know any renowned painters from whom they have availed of painting services. Your network also helps to get more rightful players working in this domain. So, check out the names and invite them to know more about their services and the rate at which they are delivering them.

Curiosity never kills the cat for me

It is quite an intriguing one, but you don’t need to move further if your painter does not hold the hunger for learning and operating advanced house painting tools. Yes, it’s true. Using advanced painting instruments can reduce the time of painting. And, if your curious painter has this essential trait, you just need to ask them when they can start. If said by any painter, this statement also states the volume of skills they hold at any instant. 


The generic traits can help you out anywhere, irrespective of the location. So, before proceeding further with painting-based work in the future, go through these indicators to find a perfect and professional house painter for you.

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