Jolly Good Window Treatments for Happy Little Ones’ Bedrooms!

When you plan to revamp your child’s bedroom or design a new nursery for the bundle of joy you are expecting, nothing ever seems enough! From selecting the right shades of paint for the walls to the perfect cots and baby bunk beds, everything is closely inspected, chosen, and then brought into the room. Even the window treatment for that matter, it has to be practical and fun, right? So, let’s talk about the most enticing window treatments for your kid’s room and what should be factored in when you design them.

Best Ideas for Window Treatments for a Kid’s Room!

Choosing the perfect window treatment for the kid’s room is a tricky balance between cute aesthetics and safety. And of course, practicality – you surely would want to easily wash the stains the little fingers create! With the below mentioned pointers, you can easily get the best window treatment ideas for your child’s room that covers all these crucial factors.

  • Cordless or Motorised Shutters — ong window curtains or drapes can be too tricky for your children’s mischievous activities and they can fall because of it or simply pull them to bring the entire system down. And if you are keeping the shutters with cords or chains and handles, the chances of these harming your kids can’t be ignored. Instead, why not opt for cordless or motorised shutters? These can be easily managed, and your child won’t get a chance to fidget with the same, let alone the chance of hurting her/himself because of it.
  • Light Filtering and Shades — Another crucial factor to consider is to control the amount of light that enters in their room. You can easily manage the same through sun shades in NZ from ShadePro Limited. They have all kinds of window shades, awnings and window structures for your home which would enhance the beauty of your rooms and help manage the exposure to natural light too. You can choose the window darkening treatment as well that helps you let the sunlight in during the early hours of day and darken the shades during the child’s nap times.
  • Fun Patterns and Colours — After safety and practicality, there’s aesthetics to consider. You can opt for a matching theme just as your kid’s room’s furniture or simply opt for bright blinds. You could also get choosy about materials. Like, the metallic blinds are most suitable for the kid’s room because of its toughness. Even honeycomb shades are excellent for the ones who like organic stuff for their children’s room. And there are also ones with sound insulation. Whatever you choose, keep safety, durability and ease of maintenance in mind.

Apart from these essential factors, you should choose a window treatment which would grow with your child and stay with them for years. Windows add the breath of fresh air to your child’s room. They are always an integral part of its overall beauty and also contribute to the peaceful, safe, and happy upbringing of your child. Ergo, you can’t compromise on window treatments!

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