How to Hire the Perfect Plasterboard Installer?


The plasterboard at home or in the office premises looks splendid. But it should be done carefully and must be devoid of any discrepancies. Plasterwork is required when a house owner plans for building a wall externally or for resurfacing a ceiling. 

To enlighten you with the do’s and don’ts of plasterboard installing, we have this following valuable guide. 

Is a plasterer required? What does he do? 

A plasterer is a professional tradesman who has expertise and skills in plasterboard installation. He contributes to the house building process and house renovation as well. He assists house owners in the restoration of floors, walls and ceilings. He helps in the construction of robust plaster walls and outdoor elements. Over time, your plasterwork might get tampered. To get it repaired or replaced, the plasterer comes to your rescue. 

Does plasterboard install sounds a DIY task to you? Well, it does not involve just applying plaster with a few tools but requires considerable skill and specialization on the part of that professional. So, we highly recommend hiring the services of a good plasterer in your area to seek a flawless outcome. 

Tips for hiring a plasterer 

  • Ask meaningful questions

Before you hire a professional plasterboard installer, you need to establish a communication link between you and the professional. So, ask relevant questions about his years of experience, past projects, specializations, quotes, time availability, and insurance coverage, license, and much more. Some of this information can be derived from the website and reviews. But you have to get each detail confirmed with the plasterer. 

  • Get all the relevant trades completed 

You are supposed to follow a meticulous schedule before you appoint a plasterer. So, get all the work done, such as wiring, water piping work, in-wall features, and others. One should not mess the plastering work with other trades. 

  • Analyze your requirements beforehand

Every house owner should be clear where the plastering work needs to be done. It is advisable to get the measurements before you call a plasterer. Also, note down on a paper of every detail that needs to be plastered, excluding the extra features. When you have a list of requirements ready, you will not be in a confused state while communicated with the plasterer. 

  • Check previous work projects 

This tip is important for every house owner with regard to all trades such as painting, bathroom remodel, and others. You ought to check the previous work projects done by the installer you have shortlisted. Check for reviews and ratings online of the shortlisted gib fixers Auckland. If it is possible for you to pay a personal visit to the homes of earlier clients, then go ahead. 

So, hiring a plasterer is a daunting task, but can be admittedly simplified.

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