Home decor, interior design tips for decorating in eclectic style

Decorating with various styles could be overwhelming, but here are a few ideas from interior design experts.

Eclectic Interiors are a design style that combines various elements, types, and styles, creating a unique blend. This agile and flexible approach permits people to show off their desires and preferences as they create a visually pleasing space. Eclectic interiors typically feature an array of furniture and accessories as well as patterns, textures, and hues and create an environment that is lively, vibrant, and bursting with character.

The secret to creating an eclectic and appealing interior is finding the perfect balance between different elements and ensuring they complement one another instead of clashing. This makes a room that expresses the person’s individuality, highlights the diverse influences of each, and creates a visually appealing environment that is both welcoming and inspiring.

An interview was conducted in an interview with HT Lifestyle, Ankit and Anand Ojha, Principal Designers of Anand Atelier Associate, echoed, “Eclectic interiors is a mix of different styles as well as different kinds of elements that when combined, create magic and provide us with striking spaces. One of the most popular home decor trends that could mean many diverse things to a variety of people is an eclectic design.”

Decorate with a variety of styles could be intimidating, but the two experts suggested:

  • Select your theme. Deciding on a suitable article will help before we go wild in the colors. This will aid in creating a bold appearance instead of a chaotic style. It is always possible to begin with a neutral color palette and expand it to include our interior collection using rugs, toss cushions, side tables, and floor lamps.
  • Patterns and texturesMixed patterns are a crucial characteristic of an eclectic design. Utilize decorative carpets or pillows to seamlessly blend various formats into a single space. For instance, geometric shapes and Polka dots could create a striking appearance when paired with other methods.
  • Furniture stylesPlaying with furniture in different designs and styles is an excellent method to decorate your home. Imagine a traditional sofa with carved legs, contemporary armchairs, and contemporary coffee tables. For flaunting fabulous furniture, find unique handcrafted pieces.
  • Don’t let it become messy or full of clutter. Eclectic does not mean disorganized and overflowing with possessions. When it comes to the most beautiful art, there is always more! Be sure that your objects aren’t lost in the surroundings you appreciate, instead of a secluded shelf and floor stuffed with adornments. Organize everything and place your most precious treasures displayed. Have fun while trying to achieve the most eclectic look since there aren’t any rules or rules for this fashion. Being eclectic can be all about mixing and matching various styles and eras.

Her expertise is being applied to the table. Interior Designer Punam Kalra, the Creative Director for I’m the Centre for Applied Arts, stated, “Eclecticism is the newfound fascination with modern design that has no limits. It’s flexible to new trends however, it manages to remain timeless with a design with a place for antiques in addition to contemporary items. By putting aside the rules and deciding to pick the most desirable of the decorating styles, it is a fan of exploration while remaining refined.”

She says this is how you can go about it:

  • Add a splash of color –As an aesthetic that goes outside the norm, an unusual design emerges as a highly extravagant statement. It’s looking for that perfect splash of color, probably bejeweled teal or lime yellow, that will stand out, perhaps even as an accessory. Ensure you don’t overdo it on smaller pieces such as accent chairs, poufs, ceiling pendants, consoles, and other small furniture pieces guaranteed not to be the center of attention.
  • In the most exciting of times, Eclectic designs provoke a discussion. Combining old and contemporary arrangements sparks interest and creates an aesthetic narrative that moves between the past and present. It is a reason to set up an old Chesterfield sofa with an elongated table or the Moroccan lamp over the glass table. Be sure to remain in the same visual harmony. Try keeping the intricate, ornamental pieces to a minimum, then create a simple surface around them.
  • Explore the different textures. If there is anything that can speak about the diverse flavor in its own right, it’s the texture. A mood board that is mixed media featuring a variety of textures will bring the eclectic concept to life. It can range from the slender lines of the boucle chair to the rough streaks of wood that have been distressed. To achieve a balance, subdue the loud patterns like logwood on the side tables and rattan in the wardrobe panels as accents. Then, add subtle textures like suede on upholstery, sheer cotton on curtains, glass on the table tops, etc.
  • Make yourself a proud exhibitor. The eclecticism style takes boldness seriously as an aesthetic that plays with color, textures, silhouettes, and styles. Its spirit is reflected in the desire to experiment and the zeal to bring unexpected pieces into the scene. Consider taking a risk and bringing in a custom velvet sofa in your living room to spark a conversation, an intricately woven Turkish carpet in your bedroom that reflects your style, or a vintage chest you have reclaimed placed in the middle of your living space to share the story.
  • Create a collection of Eclectic designs that focus on the originality of the invention. Please bring it to life and the concept by combining eccentric art, antiques, and modern furniture. Be aware of the fashions, take the best parts from them, and give it your twist — alter your gallery’s walls, color block the cushions, or combine planters from the bookcases to ensure that the room is alive with significance.

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