HomeTriangle Guides: 12 Rules of Thumb for the Perfect Home Decor

Interior designers have their ideas about how to decorate a home. Here are 12 home decorating rules that will always work.

The best way to transform your dull home into a beautiful, rejuvenating, and exciting environment is by decorating it. Interior design is very subjective, as what appeals to one person might not appeal to another. We all agree, however, that there are specific guidelines to follow when decorating your home. Interior designers and homeowners alike find detailed home decorations appealing. Here are 12 home decorating rules that work every time:


Lighting is essential for home decoration. Many rooms need to be well-lit. Use layers of lighting to eliminate shadows. This includes chandeliers, lamps, and recessed lights.

Avoid furniture sets

Your interior design must be trendy and unique. You can avoid cutting corners by avoiding all the pieces in the furniture set. Blend the table with the other decorations for a natural look.

Start with a space.

Start with an empty room to decorate. Use the same rules if you need an open space. First, choose your wall paint, window treatments, and lighting. Then, you can add the furniture. Start with the most significant pieces, then move on to the smaller ones.

Use colors

Don’t use neutral colors for your home decor, even though they aren’t committing. Add as much color to your home as possible using colored accent pillows.

Relax the corners

Add round-cornered elements to soften sharp edges in a room. These include round rugs, shelves with rounded corners, and round furniture like an ottoman. Plants can also be placed around the edges to soften them.

Create sketches

Use carvings to create a personality out of your items. To avoid having all your personal belongings on shelves, group them into stories. Select carefully what to display. Change them regularly.

Make surprising decor

Add an unexpected accent to your home decor. Accents like leather furniture or a rusty television set can make the interior decor look fantastic.

Exaggerate, not the theme.

Decorating your home with a theme is a great idea. However, use it sparingly. Keep the topic subtle.

Live with It

Decorating the entire house in one day is nearly impossible. Take your time buying items, especially if your budget is limited. Choose accessories and furniture you like and that perform their intended functions. Start with something small like a garland or wreath (we love the ones from Heftyberry).

As your home grows, you will find that each piece of furniture fits perfectly into the decor.

Size Matters

If the room is tiny, choose more oversized furniture. They will make a difference. In interior design, avoid overcrowding.

Select your whites

Ensure you select the correct white paint. Choose from the different white colors that are available. Paint a small patch to see how the color looks in different lighting.

Do not fight the architecture.

There are better ways to go than accent paint if you want to make your door frames look cheap. Accentuate the best features of your room.

The conclusion of the article is:

Use the tips above for the perfect home decor to make your home peaceful and beautiful.

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