How to Go About House Cleaning When You Have Kids?


When it comes to cleaning your home, you would find the process a tad more difficult and time-consuming, especially if you happen to have kids. Simply put, cleaning your home with your kids underfoot can be quite challenging, to say the least. That is why you would need to check out these tips, as it can help you keep your home clean, despite the various challenges. Moreover, you can also use the opportunity, to teach your kids the value of cleaning up after themselves.

  • Make a Checklist: The first thing that you need to do is to make a checklist to see if you are completely stocked up on the requisite cleaning products, tools and anything else you need to clean up your home. You may also want to make an additional checklist for your kids, a sort of a list of chores that they can carry out – such as to make up their beds, to put away their toys and storybooks, and to pick up litter off the floor etc. Additionally you can also call in professional cleaning agencies to handle the cleanup at your home. Just search online for house cleaning in Auckland and that should list out all the local agencies.
  • Get up early: When it comes to cleaning your home, you may want to get up early before your kids to do all the heavy-duty cleaning. And since this process usually involves chemicals and other toxic materials, you would want to get this done before your kids are up and about. And getting up early is a boon, in more ways than one since it would allow you to get more done in the day. You can always Google Home cleaning in Auckland for more tips and suggestions to enable you to streamline your clean up.
  • Get your kids to participate: Granted this may seem a tad more difficult since most kids would prefer to avoid any household chores. The trick is to create a reward system to provide them with the required incentive to clean up their home. You can delegate some safe tasks that do not require them to handle any toxic substance. You can get them to vacuum your living room, the dining room, to clean up various pieces of furniture and even to remove the wet dishes from the dishwasher and to dry them, one item at a time.
  • Make it fun: When it comes to common home cleaning chores, you can make it more fun for your kids to handle the same. You can either build a narrative or sing a song, as you attempt to clean up your home with your kids. One of the reasons that most kids hate such chores is that they can be boring. And that is why you need to make the whole cleaning process, both fun and enjoyable for them. Soon, you may find that you would no longer have to cajole your kids to join in and assist you as you clean up your home.
  • Storage: This is essential and all the more since you happen to have little kids around. You should know that children are curious and exploratory by nature. So you need to make sure that you store away all your powerful cleaners, detergents and other toxic substances safely. You need to make sure that you put away all these substances after use, and that you store them in a cupboard and lockup the same. This is done mainly to ensure that your kids don’t get to it and that it is stored, safely, out of their reach.

These are the essential steps that you would have to review when it comes to cleaning up your home with your kids around. Granted, you may find the whole process to be challenging at first but soon, you should be able to teach and train your kids the basics of cleaning and why it is essential. Just make sure that you keep all the hazardous chemicals safely stored away, after each cleanup.

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