How to Prevent Exterior and Interior Paint from Fading

Have you ever moved the furniture or a painting to discover that the previously covered portion of the wall dark? Any space that is exposed to sunlight is prone to faded paint due to UV radiation.

Interior paints of low quality fade rapidly in the harsh sun however the exterior paint is the most. The intense ultraviolet rays of sunlight break down the color pigments in the paint. So, even the most high-end solid colors will eventually fade in harsh ultraviolet light.

Therefore, all one has to do is take a few steps to protect the interior paint and exterior paint from discoloring. Our Auckland painters have created the following list of ways to prevent

  • Choose a shine that is reflective.

It is this vital aspect. The reflective and brightness of the paint you choose will determine how long it will last. Eggshell shades, the matte colours and colors which have a muted appearance absorb more light. These paints require a greater number of layers to last but they also fade more quickly. Sheen and satin like bright yellow and white have a greater reflectivity, which makes the paint last for longer. Paints with gloss and semigloss finishes are generally used on doors, trims and bathroom walls.

  • Pick neutral colors for your exterior

If you decide to paint the exterior for your home, go with neutral tones for your shutters and siding. Bright colors like yellow, red bright blue and dark green fade faster. Contrastingly, neutral shades like whites, grays and beige last longer. These paints will not only remain true to color for longer, but they’ll also appear natural.

Another way in order to distinguish your property is paint a neutral shade on the exterior, and then painting the doorway in a vibrant color.

  • Paints of high-quality are superior and last longer, so trust us!

The quality of paint is the most important thing in the art of painting. Paints that are priced low use lesser quality materials and won’t last for as long. A lot of manufacturers create high-end stain-resistant and durable paints made of powerful binding substances to make the paint last longer for homeowners located in Auckland.

If Exterior Painters in Auckland to use top-quality paints, go with them. It’s a good idea to spend on paint of the highest quality that will last for up to five years unless you are planning to paint over the next the next two to three years. If you spend a bit more money on top paint now will help you save cash and also time later in the near future.

  • Multiple coats stand tests of endurance.

The most reliable artists from Auckland, recommend applying multiple coats, even though some high-quality paints look good by applying a single layer. Multiple coats are crucial to painting exteriors.

Why do we need to apply multiple coats? The reason is that the second coat enhances the first, and the third coat strengthens the second and it goes on. In this way the paint stays in a good state for longer.

  • Blinds and curtains are great for use.

This technique is crucial to shield interior paintwork for houses in Auckland. Props that are hung like blinds or curtains stop sunlight from beating into furniture, walls, and other artifacts.


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