Latex Vs Oil Paint – Know The Differences

Choosing a particular type of paint is more than just considering the color only. You also need to choose whether you want to go with latex or oil-based paint. When it comes to differences, there are quite a few in-between the two, which is why knowing all the important facts before you make a decision matters a lot. 

Therefore, to help you make the correct decision when choosing a particular type of paint, we have created this brilliant guide which will contain all the information you need to know for the same. So, without wasting any further minutes, let’s jump onto the main topic at hand. 

The History Of Latex & Oil Paints

As per a professional house painter in Wellington, latex paint was introduced in the year 1941. Back in the day, most paints were oil-based. Nowadays, more than 80 percent of paints have shifted to being latex-based. This is because oil-based paints had a serious impact on the environment such as having higher VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and being much harder to clean up overall. 

What’s The Current Difference Between Latex & Oil Paints?

In case you’re unaware, then you must know that latex paint is also known as acrylic paint. In latex paints, the main carrier is water mixed with glycol or glycol ether, directly from the rubber plant. It should be noted that the term ‘latex’ here points to the word resin.

The Benefits Of Latex Paints

  • It doesn’t get yellow over time
  • Can dry very quickly
  • Ideal for the environment
  • Very easy to clean with just water & soap
  • Flexible & durable
  • Easily attaches to exterior surfaces
  • Highly resistant to peeling, flaking or blistering

In this day & age, oil-based paints are much less popular. When it comes to oil paints, the carrier is based on petrochemical solvents and mineral spirits. 

The Benefits Of Oil Paints

  • Durable & hard finish
  • Shrinkage is less
  • Viscosity is high meaning fewer coats are required to cover any imperfections

Which One Should You Use For Painting House Exteriors?

Over time, advancement in technology has made latex paints much more durable, allowing them to be used for exterior painting. However, there will be moments when you still want to opt for oil-based paints especially on doors, porch floors, and other external surfaces that are subjected to wear & tear.

Is It Possible To Use Oil Paint Over A Surface That’s Already Present Latex Paint?

If you have a surface that’s already covered in latex paint, there’s no use changing the paint type. Avoid using oil-based paint over it. On the other hand, if you have a surface painted in oil paints, then you can use latex paints over the oil paints without any issues. 

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