Learning The Symptoms Of A Leaked Roof

There’s no doubt that roof leaks can easily lead to serious issues as well as potential damage to your house in the long run. But, the bad news is that – it’s not at all easy to detect roof leaks. And by the time you come to know about the leak, it will already be too late and you have to deal with expensive roof restoration and repair procedures. 

So, how can you know about the signs of a roof leak? Let’s find out. 

Roof Leak Signs On The Exteriors Of Your Home

  1. Missing Tiles

According to a reliable contractor for roof painting in Auckland, a missing roof tile means that your home is not protected, even if you don’t notice any signs of water damage inside your home. Water can easily make its way into your home interiors through the underside of the other tiles, which will be fast-tracked by the missing tile.

  1. Soft Spots

Any soft spot on your roof means that it’s a weak spot and the area is probably damaged beforehand. Soft spots can easily allow water to seep through the cavity of the roof. If you ignore the presence of a soft spot on your roof for a long time, then your roof could collapse. 

  1. Clogged Down-pipes & Gutters

Gutters allow excess water from your roof to drain away properly towards your home exteriors. When your gutters will be clogged, then excess water will start building up inside the gutters and thereby seep inside your roof materials. 

In case you experience frequent issues with your roof gutters, then you should look for any presence of debris, which could showcase that your roof materials will need some serious attention. 

  1. Exterior Wall Moulds

If you locate any presence of mould on your home exterior walls, then it can be a sign of a serious roof gutter problem. The mould will grow when the water will frequently flow down the side of your home exterior walls instead of the roof gutters. 

Roof Leak Signs On The Interiors Of Your Home

  1. Drips & Stains On The Ceiling

If water is leaking through your roof, then the same will be indicated by water stains on your ceilings. Wet spots are generally very subtle and will almost go unnoticeable, especially around light & vent fixtures. 

  1. Streaks Of Mould On The Walls

If your roof has a large enough leak, then water could start dripping down the walls. In case the walls stay moist for long periods, then mould infestation could take place. 

  1. Paint Peeling

Peeling of paint from your home interior walls is a clear sign that there’s excess moisture inside your home. 

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