Let’s Give That TV Wall A Facelift, Shall We?

This wall behind the TV is most likely significant in your family space! It determines how you design your area, the placement of your furniture, and the way you arrange everything else. Since everything is placed in a way that faces the TV, the design of the wall is essential. The TV wall needs some affection and consideration.

Here are some ways to give your TV wall an urgent revamp!

A wall made of veneers, wood, and stone.

Stone veneers give a stunning appearance to your living space. They can add a splash of color in monochromatic environments. The room could be quickly transformed into a luxurious home by adding wood veneer to the wall-mounted TV and a few mid-century contemporary furniture. To make your room appear larger and more elegant, include polished marble floors and sofas with light colors as well as sheer curtains and gold accents to the furniture and TV.

A wall that is partitioned by a TV unit

For homes with more minor, contemporary spaces, partition walls with a TV are great solutions for reducing space. They can have a striking graphic pattern that draws attention to the television. To achieve a uniform style, attempt to repeat the hues throughout the room. For example, in a bedroom, cushions in yellow and pattern blankets will complement teal upholstery.

Textures in tiles

Tiles that have texture provide a sense of depth to your TV. Based on the style of the tiles, you’ll also be able to create an asymmetrical pattern that will transform your TV into a feature or accent wall. It is possible to recreate the appearance of a natural stone wall or brick wall with tiles with these styles and designs.

Wood paneling for background

A wall that is finished in wood can be expensive. Additionally, if you reside in an area with a lot of humidity and you have a lot of wood elements may be a bad idea. One solution is to make a smaller space within your TV set-up that is a focal point for wood. It is possible to use different woods, laminates, or even ply for an attractive backdrop to your television. This style is a great match when paired with white walls and minimalist furniture.

Wallpaper for visual texture

Wallpapers are an affordable way to add drama to your living space. Based on your preferences, you can find a suitable wallpaper for your style that compliments the furniture. Textured wallpapers add visual interest to the room and highlight the TV’s features. Pick colorful pops of color to help the Television wall shine within the area!

A PU Wall

Polyurethane or PU panels can be a fantastic addition to any walls. They are not just an extra layer of insulation and insulation but also provide a stunning finishing touch to the wall. They are available in different dimensions, colors, and styles, so you’ll find something that suits your style. You can also add features such as gold details and inlays among the panel to make the TV appear more attractive.

TV wall decorated with trimmings

This could be the perfect selection if you’re fond of European or traditional interior designs! Making a wall more attractive by adding trims is simple and affordable. This simple technique can improve the overall appearance of your TV’s wall and create an elegant, luxurious feel. To highlight the European design, paint the wall with a royal hue like gray, beige, or dark shades of greens, blues, and maroons. The trims can also make an attractive border around your TV screen.

Stonewall: onyx and marble

Marble is a stunning stone with natural designs and curves on its surfaces. Adding it to the living space will instantly make it appear more polished. When choosing the best marble wall for your TV, there are many choices to pick from. Another option is to select onyx in place of marble. This can make your home look more stylish with less effort.

In a Nutshell

A TV in the living space is the room’s focal point, and it deserves consideration and affection. Consider the suggestions in the article below to create the ideal design you want for the home. For more tips on design and other articles, please peruse blog posts on the Homebliss website.

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