Moving 101: Tips For Properly Packing Books

If you’re an avid reader, then there’s no doubt that you have been able to create an impressive book collection. However, when the time arrives to move from your current place to another one, only then packing those large arrays of books can prove to be very challenging, especially if you have no prior experience. You need to have a proper strategy in place instead of just throwing all your books into one large box and then packing it. 

In this extensive guide, we will be sharing some ideal tips & tricks that you can follow to make your book packing process before moving simpler, safer and more effective. 

The Significance Of Correctly Packing Your Books

According to cheap movers in Auckland, when you handle an individual book, the weight will not be that significant. But, a stack of books can become difficult to handle. So, if you plan to move all your books in a single box, then it’ll become painful and quite impossible to carry. Moreover, the heavy & large box can also cause damage to your other belongings, especially during the transportation process.

Therefore, the ideal way to mitigate the aforementioned problem would be to utilize our tried and tested book packing tips, which are as follows:

  1. Perform Some Purging

In case you’re unaware then you must know that books are one of the easiest things to donate. Thus, if you don’t need any book from your already massive collection, then it’s better to simply donate or sell the same so that your packing process becomes less cumbersome. 

The second-hand book market is quite significant and if you can utilize that market to eliminate a major portion of your book collection, then you’ll not only make your moving process easier but make way for new books to be included in your collection. 

However, in rare cases, if a book isn’t good enough to be donated or sold, then you should simply throw it away into the dust bin or recycling bin. 

  1. Choose The Proper Packing Boxes

One essential trick of packing books is that – you have to distribute their weight across multiple boxes so that it becomes easier for you to carry during the moving process. Therefore, proceed to choose only small to medium-sized boxes, and avoid large or extra-large boxes altogether. 

Large or extra-large boxes become a menace when packed with books, making them difficult to move.

  1. Avoid Damaged Boxes

If you don’t have good packing boxes to pack your books, then you should head over to the market and buy some. But, don’t proceed to use damaged boxes for packing your books. This is because damaged boxes can break at any time, ultimately making your moving process a failure.

For any additional suggestions, be sure to contact our moving experts today. 

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