Necessity of an Edge Protection System & Its Future

Many of you read your economics books during your school days. Bit a boring one for some! But there had been one chapter that you had gone through – infrastructure. An essential facet of any country lies in infrastructure. Infrastructure somewhere depicts the foundation or framework. Construction is considered a part of the infrastructure. And, like every infrastructure sector, construction to needs a support system, using which people can build those infrastructures. Yes, because you need to give builders full protection when they are working at heights. An edge protection system is like an ancillary for building any strong structure in tough terrain or landscape. So, if you are thinking of constructing a house, office, or any commercial complexes in an area with a huge risk associated with the work, don’t worry. This article will take you on a voyage where you can get micro-detail on these protective systems. 

What is Edge Protection, and how does it help?

Edge protection is like installing a temporary solution in your house to ensure that the contractors and other labourers are safe and easily do their work without any glitch and hitch. These protection systems vary from project to project basis and let you get the leverage accordingly. For example, if you are making shopping complexes with a different architecture, you need a lift-based protection system during the initial stages to ensure that work at heights can go in a hassle-free mode. These systems are mainly to let you reach those heights and work at your ease. Apart from this, you can find that these protective systems also include installing temporary railings to avoid any major injury and consolidate better care. 

Types of Edge Protection

As discussed above, there are different types of edge protection that a contractor always seeks when they start constructing any site. Some of the major components of these protection systems are:

  1. Slide Protection System
  2. Lift Protection System
  3. Free Cable Protection System
  4. Decks & Railing System

The niche of each of these components is distinct that helps and lets you work at a pace that you need to finish the construction in the given and stipulated timeline. 

Steps in Edge Protection Process

Every edge protection has some fixed steps that one has to follow as per the guidelines. Edge protection begins with the planning phase, where an edge protection provider has to understand the construction planning and architecture to evaluate how they will install the entire protection system. Next, one has to assess the type of protection system they will install on the construction site. When the construction process is in progress, you must check the current status to ensure that there is a zero probability of an accident. 

Future of Edge Protection Market

Major data analyst companies have assessed the construction sector and its ancillary domain. Considering the UNDP’s Sustainable Goals, SDG 12 (Sustainable cities) is trying to bolster growth in this domain. As per the latest figures accumulated from different countries, one can evaluate that the construction sector will witness the highest CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) globally. This interpretation can give smiles to many edge protection providers and players. It is because the boom in the construction sector will trickle down and show its impact in the associated domains. Even those who want to start a business specializing in edge protection will also ponder over the data and its depiction. 


Considering the benefits that edge protection renders, it is one of the key aspects of the construction industry that you seek. The data and available figures indirectly depict that the edge protection market will flourish for sure in the future. So, why wait and think of whether to go for edge protection when you have started construction of your home or office. 

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