How To Paint The New Walls For A Great Finish Like Experts

Painting walls is not difficult. It is also one of the most performed DIY home care tasks. People often choose to paint the walls on their own. There are so many ways in which the walls can be painted. But nothing matches the perfection of an expert.

You can hire the best interior painters in the Auckland team if you expect a smooth finish. Professional interior painter services will often perform this task in a very special way. There are basic steps that anyone can follow to get a smooth finish. These steps are listed below, and you can continue reading further.

Wait for the plaster to dry

The plaster needs to dry naturally. If you are using wet plaster, then it will keep absorbing moisture from the air. This is why plaster will always take time to dry. If you apply paint to wet plaster, you may never get the finish.

So before the paint is applied to the walls, you have to ensure that the plaster is dry. The color of the plaster should be uniform and bright.

Apply mist coat

The first layer of the paint is always considered as the mist coat. But this is an important layer you apply to the walls. Mist coats will directly be absorbed by the walls. The layer of the paint will also lose its natural texture because the walls will absorb the moisture from the paint.

The mist layer should always be much lighter in shade. Do not prepare a thick layer to apply first. The paint will not dry easily and will peel off.

Use proper priming technique

Priming is important. You can make use of spray or roller techniques to prime the walls with a second mist layer. The priming should always be even and thin. You cannot prepare a thick paint layer for new walls. When priming the walls, always ensure that socket boards and switches have been protected.

You can make use of adhesive tapes to cover the sockets and switch. Always maintain the right motion when priming the walls.

Let the mist coat dry

Mist coat should be dried naturally. The timeline may depend on many factors. If the climate is hot and dry, then the paint may take one or two days to dry. If the temperature is cold then you have to wait for weeks. Till the mist layer is completely dried it may not be possible to apply a second coat of paint on the walls.

Once the layer is dry, you can now apply the top paint coat. Do not apply a thick layer of the paint. If the paint is thick it will peel off before time. Always test the paint quality before applying it to the walls.

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