Guide to Finding Painter That Will Do a Great Job

Is your house in need of a fresh coat of paint before its sale? Then you need a painter that is reliable and will do an incredible job. At this point, one question may be burning in your mind, especially if this is your first time getting a paint job. How do I find a painter and where do I start? Well, this is the only guide you will need to find the right painter for your house.

Finding painters

When it comes to finding painters Auckland homeowners have two options. They can either ask their real estate agent or acquaintances for referrals or read reviews online. An agent will have vetted a painter over the years and can give good suggestions. Google reviews and Yelp are some of the places one can check for painter recommendations online.

Questions you should ask

Once you find helpful suggestions, there are some questions you need to ask as you consider them. These questions are:

  • Were the painters regular and punctual?
  • Did they stick to the time the schedule quoted by them?
  • Did they do a clean, professional job of painting? Did you find any mess afterward?
  • How did the painters prep for their work?
  • Were they respectful and friendly to you? Did they return your personal belongings to where they found it?
  • Were you able to monitor their work?
  • Were they conscious of the paints they used?

Make sure the painters are licensed

An authentic and reliable painting company needs a license. When you see a licensed painter, you know they must stick to certain guidelines when doing their job. This will assure you of the quality of their job. Therefore, as part of your vetting system, check your prospects’ licenses and the standing of the same.

Evaluate their work

Once you have narrowed down your list ask for samples. Ask for the addresses of the homes they have worked before and the look book of the same or other homes in your area. If you are still scouring the reviews at this stage, then look for the ones with pictures.

Get a contract and a guarantee

You need a solid contract when hiring painters. Make sure the contract has the job details, including the prep work, tools and paints used, payment, work duration, and how the house needs to be painted. Also, add a guarantee of some sort for their work. Should something happen to their painting work in a specified time, they should fix it free of cost.


Finding the right painter can be hard. However, with these tips, you should be able to find a painter that can help you. The key is getting the assurance and guarantee before giving the green signal or payment.

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