Three Vital Things To Know When Renting To College Students

In case your rental property is currently located inside a college city or a town, near to a college/university campus, then you’ll have a prime opportunity to market the same to the students of the said facility. It has been reported that almost 44 per cent of college students stay off-campus which means that millions of students look out for rented apartments every year. 

However, not many landlords or homeowners out there know the basic tips & tricks when planning to provide rented apartments to college students, which is why we’re making this guide to make landlords like you more aware. In this article guide, we’ll be discussing some of the critical considerations you need to make when you hand over your property to college/university students – with the help of property maintenance in Auckland services.

Considerations To Make When Providing Rent To College Students

  1. The Overall Affordability

Since students don’t have significant income on their own, the main thing to note here is the overall affordability they can experience. Most college students tend to split their rental costs between their roommate so that they can keep their costs down and thereby save money for many other purposes such as college stationery, books, college fees and so on. 

If you want your rental property to be on par with the rest of the market and thereby charge a fair rent, you have to be affordable for the students in question. It’s imperative to know the current rental rates of the market, which will give you an idea regarding what you should be charging for your property. At the end of the day, your property should be comparable in the rental price with the others. 

  1. The Overall Safety

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that students want to live in a safe rental property – especially when it comes to female students. Therefore, your rental property should have good lighting on the exterior and have a safe place where all the mails and packages can be delivered as well.

  1. Support For Internet Connectivity & WIFI

When it comes to students, they need high-speed internet connectivity to get their job done. Be it streaming YouTube videos or downloading their email attachments, they need quite fast connectivity. Moreover, some students like to play games or watch movies through the internet which eats up quite some serious bandwidth – which means that you need to opt for quality internet service with commendable speed and FUP (Fair Usage Policy). 

Furthermore, you can consider providing WIFI mainly as a bonus item (or as an extra charge) attached with your overall rental plans. This means that the students will have one less expense to worry about which will add in the convenience factor.

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