Top Retaining Wall Ideas To Spice Up Your Homely Property

If you want to improve the curb appeal of your home, then there’s no better way to do the same than opting for retaining walls around your property. In case you’re unaware, then you must know that a retaining wall is a type of wall that helps in retaining the soil behind it. For instance, if your area is highly susceptible to flooding, then building retaining walls around your property will reduce soil erosion.

Retaining walls are made out of different kinds of materials – timber, brick, or stone. So, if you’re looking for some crazy retaining wall ideas for your home, then you’ve arrived at the ideal juncture. In this encompassing guide, we’ll be going through some of the most popular retaining wall ideas that can make your property look much more extravagant.

Popular Retaining Wall Ideas To Look Out For

  • Retaining Walls Made From Natural Stone

Before you decide to opt for retaining walls in Wellington, it should be learned that a retaining wall made out of natural stone will always blend greatly with the surrounding environment. The textures present on the stone’s surface along with the colors will help in drawing the attraction of your guests & neighbors. The wall will look as vibrant as a giant oak tree or a vibrant flower bed.

Before you opt for this style, you must note that there are several sizes of stone that you can choose from. From small to big, from smooth to bumpy – the options are quite a mouthful. Some of the popular natural stones include flagstones and fieldstones.

  • Creating An Outdoor Kitchen Out Of A Retaining Wall

If you want to get more creative with your retaining wall ideas, then the best option would be to integrate an outdoor kitchen space with your retaining wall. Doing this is easy – simply create a plan for your retaining wall with your contractor and then make provisions to fit in the kitchen accessories such as oven, stove, grills, and so on.

This outside kitchen space can be used for garden parties and barbecue weekends.

  • Using A Retaining Wall As Water Retainer

Just like retaining walls are created to retain soil, you can also utilize the same to retain water across a small area – almost like a mini-pond. Such an idea will help in giving your property landscape a total makeover by turning your backyard into a beautiful-looking oasis that’s full of gushing water sounds. You can then go the extra step and add a foundation to the same to make it look more attractive.

Besides, the above-mentioned ideas, you can use retaining walls to highlight the space around a tree (like in parks) or use them to landscape your garden plants. The choices are endless.

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