Surprising Facts About Hardwood Floors That Most of Us Didn’t Know!

We all love hardwood floors, don’t we? It’s really an amazing flooring option that lasts a lifetime (and more!). It is a superb and sophisticated type of flooring that doesn’t fail to impress us with its majestic looks and appealing textures. To add to the magic, you’ll never find timber flooring looking odd in any kind of home décor – be it classic or contemporary – wooden floor steals the show anywhere! Wow! But hey, that’s not enough! Hardwood floor has more to it that we don’t know much about.

Interesting Facts About Timber Flooring Not Commonly Known!

Did you know that you can customize your wooden flooring in Wellington from Native Grain Flooring? They can polish and beautify them perfectly to suit your interiors well and you can enjoy the same for years. But the curiosity to always know more about your timber floor is but natural. Well, here we are presenting some surprising facts about hardwood floors that are worth a read.

  • No two wooden floors are the same — Though they may seem to be clones of each other, it’s interesting to know that no two wooden floors are exactly the same. Just like our fingerprints, even the textures of tree-barks differ and that creates a unique stamp for each plank.
  • You can get pre-finished woods if you want — It’s a commonly known fact that you have to get the woods finished and polished when you install it. But if you want to shorten your installation procedure, you can always get pre-treated panels. They are stained and treated during the manufacturing process making your work swifter.
  • Hardwood floor makes your home look bigger — If you use longer panels of hardwood floors, you prevent the frequent occurrence and visibility of the end joints. This creates an illusion of space as the design seems to continue until its last stretch. Believe it or not, this quality makes your room appear bigger and that is why best recommended for small spaces.
  • Hardwood floors improve air quality — Worried about indoor air quality of your house? Well, you need not stress if you have hardwood floors in your home. It provides better air quality since hardwood doesn’t attract mould, bugs, or dust easily. And even if you find them on the surface, these don’t stay on the floor for long.
  • Timber floors create a pleasant music in your home — Each step taken on your hardwood floor creates a wonderful sound which creates a light music like symphony to the ears! Piano lovers, here you go!!
  • You shall be spoilt by innumerable designs and types of hardwood floors — He who said that hardwood floors offer limited choices didn’t know this fact! Well, hardwood floors come from lots of different species of trees and they can be stained in many types of shades. This means, the choices even in hardwood aren’t limited and you can pick the type and shade you require from a plethora of options – material, colour, texture and more.

Surprised to know these facts about hardwood floors? Now pass on the knowledge and let others fall in love with them too.

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