The Best Tips to Choose a Perfect Exterior Paint!


The most essential thing that spruces up your house is its exterior paint! But choosing it is often the trickiest procedure. You are overwhelmed with the options available and don’t know how to pick the one that is the most appropriate for your home in terms of hue, quality, texture etc. But you have to pick the best one from this amazing list. And you perhaps need a little help.

A Guide to Select the Best Exterior Paint for Your Home!

The exterior of your home should be painted perfectly without any loopholes. Otherwise the entire curb appeal and value of your property goes for a toss. That is why never try your DIY techniques to paint the house exterior but choose Flamingo Exterior Plastering for exterior painting in Auckland. They are pro in the plastering and painting job as they are very experienced in the field and can easily glam up your home’s exterior with their immense knowledge and expertise. But to attain this, do follow the below listed guideline carefully.

  • Pay attention to the neighbourhood — Though we understand your home should be unique, but don’t let it look out of the place in your neighbourhood. Especially, when they are very closely built. A paint that matches or rhymes with the colour co-ordination of the neighbourhood looks fantastic even from a distance.
  • Follow the sun — The sunshine makes any paint look fascinating! This bright light on your home’s paint will make your home look all the more astonishing and vibrant. For this, choose the colour that looks all the more attractive in the sun like the soft shades of green, pastels, yellow, etc. But remember, even the quality of your paint should be such that it’s best recommended for the exteriors so that the wear and tear of weather does not cause any damage.
  • Accents add life — Remember, your exterior isn’t just a plain wall stretched across the place, it has window-panes, borders, door, and door panels, etc. You will have to think of these details too along with the wall paint. These actually add a charming personal to your home.
  • Embrace contrast as well — Too much matching results in a plain and boring representation of your house’s exterior. While a little contrast adds a spark of spice here. Go for two attractive yet contrasting shades that have the power to make your exterior look smashing.
  • Test colours on your home — The shades you are picking will turn darker when they are painted (before drying) and look lighter in the sunlight. That is why never choose paint without trying it on your exterior walls on a bright day.

The exterior of your home needs as much consideration and attention as your interior does! Never pick up anything for it without a proper research, study, and trial. Remember, the paint you are using here either enhances your curb appeal or throws it off.  So, make an informed choice.  

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