There are No Shortcuts in Painting – Not these for Sure!

If everything could happen by a snap of fingers, then the world would have been a different place today! We would have genies instead of machines and the need for experts wouldn’t have been there. But alas, we don’t live in such a world and every good thing requires lots of hard work and appropriate time. And if you try to go for shortcuts, the results are always disappointing. Especially, in painting work, there is absolutely no room for shortcuts.

Some painting shortcuts that have drastic results

The very first shortcut you try to take is not calling professional domestic or commercial painters in Auckland from Auckland Premium Painters for this job. They do a fabulous job of painting both the residential and commercial areas using the latest equipment and their immense experience and expertise. But you tend to think that you can do this job on your own, this can lead to even double the expense later when you ultimately have to call these experts after all. Apart from this, there are certain more shortcuts that definitely don’t have any place in the painting job.

  • Skipping to clean the surface

So, probably you are in such a hurry that you skip the process of cleaning the surface and directly start priming and painting. Well, this can have disastrous results because the dust and debris on the surface will become prevalent on the painted layer later.

  • Not priming the surface

Applying primer on the surface that is to be painted is important if you want a smooth and perfect layer of colour on the wall. But since you’re looking for shortcuts, you skip this step and whenever you paint the wall, the finishing isn’t that satisfactory and of course, the end results are also not very good.

  • Using the paint directly from the container

Now this is the limit of using the shortcuts in painting a place. Are you using the colour directly from the tin that you got it from? Well, this can lead to bad results because the consistency of the paint would be too thick, and slowly you’ll see that the paint would start peeling off from the wall because of this inaccurate layer.

  • Trying to paint the entire wall in a single coat

Another shortcut that definitely destroys your paint job is using only a single coat of the shade on the wall. Yes, this saves your time a lot. But even you would be aware that just a single coat of paint wouldn’t do a satisfactory job of beautifying your place. You have to repeat the step if you want accurate and perfect results.

  • Not waiting for the first coat to dry

Another shortcut that definitely leads to a longer procedure later is when you can’t even wait for the first layer to dry and start coating the surface with another one. This again ruins the perfection of your finished walls.

 All these shortcuts are a big no-no in your painting job. We hope that you understood the depth of the situation and how serious the matter can be if you are doing so. 

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