Three Reasons Why Your Tenant Might Be Terminating The Contract Prematurely

Even though a tenant enters into a legal agreement with the landlord to stay at a specified place for a stipulated period, there will be times when the tenant might cancel the agreement prematurely. Even though the lease agreement serves to protect the landlord, there are also similar laws to protect the tenant as well – especially when the person wants to move out. 

In case you’re a landlord or a property owner yourself, you need to ensure that you handle these things in the right manner and thereby communicate with your tenant fairly and clearly, follow all the legal rules & regulations and thereby cut any loose ends. Therefore, in this article guide, we’ll be sharing some major reasons why your tenant wants to cancel the lease contract prematurely – with the help of property managers.

Reasons Why Your Tenant Might Terminate Their Rent Agreement Prematurely

  • Due To Job Loss

Since you’re a landlord, you should be compassionate about your tenant in such a case. If your tenant no longer has the income to be able to pay your rent, then it doesn’t make sense for them to stay in that place much longer. As a landlord, your duty would be to allow your tenant to leave as fast as possible – without consuming much of their time. Talk to your tenant and work out a solution that fits both your bills.

  • Due To Illness Or Divorce

Much like the precedent of a job loss, a serious illness or divorce can hugely impact your tenant’s ability to pay out your monthly rent. Even though you’re not at all legally obligated to release your tenant from the lease agreement, it would be best for both parties to come to a conclusion that will make the situation less tough. \

For instance, when a couple living in your property decides to split or get divorced then the payment of rent can become difficult to obtain from each of the parties. Similarly, if a family member of the tenant experiences untimely death or the tenant is facing a serious illness, then you need to be compassionate about the rental payments and agreement.

  • Due To Inhabitability

As a responsible landlord, you should be providing your tenant with a living environment that is not only habitable but also safe as well. This means that the place should have all the essential commodities, such as heating, working gas connection, electricity, freedom from all kinds of health hazards and so on.

If in any case, the unit you provide your tenant to stay doesn’t come with all the essential and safety protocols, then your tenant will be legally allowed to terminate the lease agreement. After all, this is because you’re not fulfilling your end of the bargain. 

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