Frugal Home Renovation: Tips for Renovating Each Room


Home renovations can cost a fortune. However, in most cases, it is a necessity. From needing change to battle common problems like rust and mould, restorations cannot be avoided. However, to get the best house renovations Auckland residents will often have to shell out an exorbitant amount of money. However, with a lot of DIY tutorials available online, you can reduce your restoration costs significantly. Here are some tips for frugal home renovation for each room in your house.


Entry is the first place a visitor sees in a house. As such, aim for something that stands out in this area. For instance, you can paint plain stairs with a contrasting colour. Moreover, if you have enough space near the door, you can also have a mudroom with a cubby for each family member. 

Living Room

Have an old window you want to change? The cheaper alternative is to change the curtains and hide them. Go for DIY curtains to save even more money. If the floors got you itchy to change, go for peel-and-stick varieties to avoid the expensive rehauling. Yet another way to spruce up your living room is adding to new lighting like dimmers. 


In the kitchen, go for paint, wallpaper, and peel-and-stick wood products to liven up your worn-out cupboards. Alternatively, get a new countertop. Find out if the local stone and tile company will give you any seconds or remnants to save money. Another idea to add an oomph factor to the kitchen is getting a standalone table as a faux island. Adding a patterned backsplash is something to consider. 

Dining Room

Lose the traditional chandelier from the dining room and instead, opt for a few pendant lights. Another area to concentrate on is the wall or back panel, where you can add a pop of colour with paint or wallpaper. 


In the bathroom, go for bright wallpapers to an accent wall if tiles are too costly for you. Additionally, swap out that ornate mirror for the more practical medicine cabinet with mirrors. While at it, change the toilet paper holders and towel bars to ones that are ADA-compliant to ensure safety.


Adding wainscoting to the walls can go a long way to turn a regular bedroom to a high-end. Conversely, you can go for DIY headboards to for a change. If you have kids, we suggest going for narrow wall-to-wall shelves. 


Spending a lot of money on renovating your home is not necessary. This is even more so if you have the right tips to cut down on your expenses. From getting peel-and-stick wallpapers and painting walls and steps to budget wainscoting and pendant lights, you have so many options. So, let us get renovating!

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