Tips to Make Your Home Free of Germs and Pests

Germs and insects/pests are everywhere! They do cause us a lot of harm and affect our health in the most negative way. From the roads to the office spaces, from shopping malls to schools — they tend to follow us everywhere and bring upon harsh effects on our health and hygiene. It is important to keep them at bay. Especially in our home. As our home is our secure space and we all should feel safe and clean and healthy at least in our little havens.  

But building up of germs and the invasion of pests/insects in our home is as natural as humans visiting each other in the city. You just can’t stop them from encroaching upon your space – and you shall often find them in your way!  Either they end up giving you diarrhoea or dysentery or gifting your kid a nasty skin infection or bothering the inmates with a bad bout of allergies. These are the least these germs and insects can do, while the worst can also be fatal. Thus, comes the need of disinfecting the entire place.

How to Make Your Home Germ and Pest Free?  

Germs and pests/ insects invade mostly due to unhygienic conditions at home – like, open or stale food, leftovers scattered at a place, open bins, drainage leaks, wastes, overflowing gutters, holes in walls, etc. It’s therefore necessary to tend to all these issues in order to keep the unwanted organisms out of your little heaven. Below are the ways in which you can do the same: 

  • Gutters — The gutter on the roof of your house, if not maintained properly,  can cause a lot of germs and insects to enter your home. If the gutters are clogged and aren’t cleaned and repaired for a long time, it leads to insects making their way through the gutter to your roof and ultimately into your house. Also, the germs coming because of this dirty water entering the place due to overflowing of the gutter can again be a dangerous issue. Thus, make sure you approach a good agency for gutter cleaning in Auckland. Power Blasting is one such agency that cleanses off your gutters perfectly and also repairs it through their modern technique and skilled workers. With the gutter under control and properly cleaned, your home stays germ and pest free too.
  • Septic System —Another vital section that can be a cause of lots of mosquitoes, flies and numerous germs to get a place in your home is an improper septic system. If there’s an issue in your septic system or your drainage wastes are getting thrown back, it’s time to get it repaired. Also, if it has been quite a long time since you have got your septic system cleaned, get it checked immediately. Otherwise, this may lead to gathering of dirty water at your backyard and a foul smell may follow along with those harmful insects. It’s therefore very important to pay attention to this part of your home in order to get rid of hazardous germs.
  • Clean the Air — We all know germs aren’t just limited to gardens or floors. They are present almost everywhere and in the air you breathe too. These germs that are present in the air are the most dangerous, as their effects can be devastating. These can cause certain really dangerous airborne diseases, lung diseases, asthma, etc. Therefore getting the air disinfected in important when you are thinking of disinfecting your home. Go for radon and carbon monoxide testing in your house and take the necessary steps to clean the atmosphere when you find even a slight presence of these in your house. Install air purifiers and if you already own them, get them serviced and properly functional. Plant pollution evading plants at your house, as they negate the effects of the harmful gases present in the air.
  • Kitchen — Kitchen is that area where the germs build up a lot due to the grime and grease. The leftovers at some areas, constant working with food items, and the heat of fire, those dirty dishes and the sink – all these let germs and pests take shelter. Deep cleaning the kitchen is important to get rid of all those from your place. Make sure you never leave anything open. Always make a point to clean the dirty dishes as soon as possible, have the floor and the cook top washed and cleaned with a good germ killing agent. Also, make sure your chimney is serviced at regular intervals. These steps will help you get rid of the germs in the house and leave your place safer and healthier.

These are the main reasons which you just couldn’t avoid if you want to get rid of the harmful elements from your living space. Apart from these, check your drains and washrooms timely, have your carpets steam cleaned, make a point to use pesticide in your space once in a while and use mosquito and housefly repellent machines for added security. With these points taken into consideration, we are sure you are going to live a healthy and happy life in your home.

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