Wallpapers versus Painting: What to choose?

You can give a fresh look to the walls of your home and transform the space with the help of paint or wallpaper.  A vibrant room can promptly be converted into a soft and airy space with the application with darker shades of wallpapers. And if you want to give a cozy fee, apply the perfect strokes of white or other mild soft paint.  

Paint and wallpaper, each has its own pros and cons. When deciding upon which one to choose, you need to consider some of the factors such as cost, time, ease of application, and flexibility of the space.

Wallpapers vs. painting 

1. Why Pest Control Services are EssentialCost

Both wallpaper and paint come in a varied price range. However, the average cost of wallpaper is more as rolls need to be purchased, and you will also need the help of experts. On the contrary, the price of paint is cheaper, and you can apply it yourself, thus saving on installation cost.

Both have cheaper options – which you can apply yourself and will not need an expert’s help. But, you will need to compromise on durability, which might eventually raise the cost. If you want the wall’s look to last longer, use good materials, and take the help of experts who knows the intricacies of applying each. 

2. Durability

Modern wallpapers are more durable, provided the walls do not have moisture. Moisture tends to loosen the glue, and the wallpapers start coming off too early. Additionally, it is not safe for a house with heavy traffic, or with kids and pets. If you are ready to shell off extra bucks, you can purchase the washable wallpapers, and make them damage proof.

Paints also seem to chip off and need a touch up every 3 to 4 years, but even for rooms with high moisture levels, you can use waterproof paint to avert any damage. Usually, a place needs to be repainted once in every 3 to 5 years, and sometimes before that, if it is used more rigorously. If you have kids in the house, it is better that you go for paints which you can scrub, in case the child uses the wall as his painting canvas. 

3. Application

If you are applying paint or wallpaper on a bare wall, then the time and effort for both might be more or less the same. But, if you are planning to renovate a wall, you must know the pros and cons of each of the both.

Removing existing wallpaper is not an easy task, and it requires a good amount of patience along with the right tools. You will get chemicals and stripping tools, but be very careful while you use them or can cause damage to the walls. 

Reapplying paint on a wall is more natural as compared to wallpaper. If you have darker walls, apply primer to it before going ahead with your new paint. Moreover, you also do not run the fear of damaging your wall. 

4. Location

Though modern wallpapers are highly durable and can be cleaned, they are not safe for places like the kitchen or bathroom, as they are more humid compared to the other rooms. Some argue that wallpapers can be brought in small quantity also, for repairing specific patches. But, getting the matching wallpaper and applying it flawlessly becomes challenging. A safer option can be to use tiles in the lower half and wallpapers on the top portion.

Giving a unique touch to your place is more viable with paints, as painters can mix and match colors to prepare a new one. Furthermore, you can use it anywhere without any tension. 

Talk to your house painters in Auckland, and they can help you to get the best of both – using a combination of wallpapers and paint. 

You will get paintable wallpaper, which comes in adhesive rolls or other shapes, mostly squares. After applying the textured wallpaper, you can either left it bare or let the painters do some magic with their colors. Do not try to apply either wallpaper or paint if you are not confident about it as it can mar the décor of your entire room.

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