Waterproofing During Construction-Tips and tricks

A home that’s severely damaged by water is amongst the worst nightmares of an individual. No one wants water entering their house. Neither the watermarks on the walls make a pleasant sight. But most of us face this severe situation in our house at some point or another even though we dread it very badly. But the situation can be avoided. Wondering how? Just waterproof your home properly during its construction.

The essential tips and tricks related to waterproofing during the construction of the house

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  • Basement waterproofing — The basement is the bottom-most area of your house. Because of this, the water enters from the ground to this level and seeps in. The moisture in the basement increases because of this. If you’re not waterproofing the basement during the time of construction, you’ll have to face severe moisture issues when the moisture enters your home because of the basement.
  • Roof waterproofing — Imagine sipping your tea in your living room and water dripping from above straight into your cup! Not to mention damaging your upholstery. It’s irritating, right? We know you don’t want something like this to happen in your house. So, don’t forget to waterproof your roof while constructing the structure. It’s because If you miss that step now, not only your roof, but even your ceiling, interiors, and the walls and floor can be impacted because of this water leakage.
  • Wall waterproofing — Walls are yet another part of your house that requires waterproofing during the time of construction. These are the most vulnerable to water damage because the wind-borne moisture hits them fiercely and if you are not waterproofing the walls, the entire interiors face the danger of being damaged within a very short span of time.
  • Waterproofing the floor — Even your floor is highly vulnerable to water or moisture damage. Water has this straight tendency to even enter the premises through the ground. If you’re not waterproofing your floor, the wooden floors get damaged immediately. For the other floors like concrete and tiles, you’ll find the damage happening after some time, but it happens for sure.
  •  Terrace waterproofing — Terraces in your house are also pretty much affected by external factors that tend to impact their beauty and strength. Don’t ever miss waterproofing the terrace because water easily enters your interiors from here. And the direct impact of this can be seen on the walls adjacent to it.

All these sections of your house comprise the structure of the place. So, if you are missing even one of these parts, you are automatically damaging the house’s foundation. Remember, this not only will affect the beauty of the place but will also be very dangerous for you and the entire family residing here – damp and its consequences are known health hazards. Remembering all these tips are important if you want your house to be perfect and highly durable and the residents happy and healthy.

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