What Aspects To Focus On When Decorating Your Hallway

The hallway is often overlooked when it comes time to decorate your home, but it deserves just as much attention. You may think that the hallway is a small part of your home since you only pass it on the way to “more important” areas like the kitchen or living room. It will still be a part of the house that you use every day, but with a little touch, it can become a stunning feature.

It won’t take you long to make a hallway look nice. You only need a few pieces of decor and the right accents, such as consoles and framed artwork. Keep reading to get expert advice if you’re still unsure where to begin and what to include to decorate your hall.


There are many ways to decorate the hallway, even though it may seem like a waste of space, especially since it is narrow. The most common decor for a hallway includes benches, mirrors, and runners. Consoles, table lamps, artwork, consoles, and elegant railings. These items are both beautiful and functional.

Mirrors will add light and make the space appear larger. A glass fixture can give your hallway a vintage look. The console extends the hallway, while the handrail provides safety.


Measure the hallway before you begin your decorating journey. Knowing the dimensions of your space will make the rest of the process much easier. To get the right focal point, you need to know how wide or narrow your hallway is.

Nobody wants to purchase a console, mirror, or handrail only to discover that it’s too small or large. You will save time and money by taking accurate measurements.


It is important to measure the width of your hall to determine what decor to use. If your hallway is narrow, you might want to work on the floor and ceiling in order to draw attention towards the front of the house as you enter.

The installation of an elegant pattern on the floor will trick the eye into thinking that your hallway is deeper. It also offers a traditional, welcoming atmosphere. Use bold colors to attract the eye from the outside as you enter the space. Please don’t make it look too uniform.


The first time you do the lighting, the better. Most homeowners forget that hallways do not get as much natural light. It is important to choose the right lighting fixture for your hallway. Table lamps work well in hallways that have low ceilings.

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