What is an Electrical Inspection of the Home?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we live in the Age of Electricity. The modern world is different from the world of our ancestors. Electricity is what makes it possible to separate the two. Our homes would not be the same without the electric current that runs silently through our ceilings, floors, and walls. For more proof, think back to the last time you were without electricity. While electricity can be a bulwark against dark ages, electrical systems aren’t indestructible. As with all systems, mechanical and biological, they must be maintained. It is important to have your electrical system checked by licensed electricians regularly.

An electrician in Papatoetoe will inspect all areas of your electrical system. To ensure that everything is working properly and there are no safety issues, electricians inspect all electrical components, including switches, outlets, circuit breakers and the HVAC system. If you need an electrical inspection, it is highly recommended.

  • Congratulations!
  • Your home has been renovated extensively.
  • You plan to add an addition to your home.
  • You are adding a major appliance.
  • Your home is older than 40 years.

After the inspection, the licensed electrician will give you a detailed listing of all checked electrical components and their condition. Also, any recommendations for improvements or upgrades.

What’s the value of an electrical inspection at your home?

It is a great idea to have your electrical system inspected.

  • You can trust that all your electrical wiring and components are safe.
  • All previous homeowners’ mistakes are rectified and will not pose a safety risk.
  • Any obsolete technology is removed and replaced.
  • Crossed circuits and frayed wires are not possible to start fires.
  • No waste in this system could lead to higher energy bills.
  • Nothing in your wiring could cause an increase in your insurance premiums.

Simple Inspections You Can Conduct Yourself

You should always hire a licensed electrician to inspect your home for electrical hazards. However, there are things you can do yourself to help you decide if it is time for an inspection.

Take a look at the Electrical Panel

Every home, from the smallest cottage to the most luxurious mansion, has an electric panel. It is usually located in the basement. Still, it may also be in the garage or a box on its exterior. Take a close look at the panel to determine if there are any breakers or old circular fuses. You should contact an electrician to have the round fuses replaced with circuit breakers. An electrician should be called in if you see smoky residue or stains on the panel.

What type of wiring does your home have?

There is a possibility that your older home may still have a knob and tube wiring. Knob-and-tube wiring was the first type of standardized wiring in a home. It is identified by the porcelain tubes that guide large wires through wall joists and floor joists. An electrician should replace knob-and-tube wiring in your home.

Take stock of your outlets

Take a walk through your home and inspect the outlets and switches. Are the plates tight and secure? Are there loose plugs? Are there any loose plugs in your outlets that spark when you plug them in? Are the switches snappy and tight? Or do they only flip partway? You should also look for black smoke on the outlet plates and hear if any crackling or humming is coming from the outlet or switch.

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