What should you look for in a residential painter?

You have decided to hire a residential painter to remodel your home. Here are some things to remember to ensure you get a satisfying result. This is especially true if you are hiring a contractor for the first time.

Sometimes, it can seem like the work and time involved in vetting a company for painting is too much. We encourage you to concentrate on the potential pitfalls you want to avoid. The wrong contractor could lead to disappointment, property damage, lost time, and wasted money. You may even need to hire another person to complete the job.

Is the Contractor Responsible?

Do you deal with a professional painting company or just two men with a pickup truck and a ladder? It is a grey area to get a contractor license for house painter in Auckland

The BBB’s accreditation of a business is another indicator that you are dealing responsibly. Being active in professional organizations is a sign that you are interested in keeping up to date on painting trends and technology. What warranty is offered? How long does it last? Do they have a valid certificate for insurance that covers workman’s compensation and liability?

Reviews and References

It is now easier than ever to find out how satisfied customers are with the paint service that they have received.  Although you shouldn’t put too much importance on one review, it’s easy to spot trends across multiple platforms.

The Work That Will Be Done

It is important to understand the details of the job. You are inviting strangers into the home. Let’s begin with the painters. Do they work as employees, subcontractors, or day laborers. What background checks were done on them? When can they be expected to show up? What will they do to protect your furnishings and landscape? Do they clean up after them at the end?

Preparation of the surface is the most labour-intensive phase of an exterior house painting project. This is also the most popular phase for reducing labour costs. Before you paint the exterior of your house, discuss the preparation and whether repairs to the siding will be included in the cost.

Do you have a detailed written estimate/contract?

Most likely, you will be asking the question: “How much do painters cost in my area?” When it comes to interior and house painting, there should not be a written contract. The estimate should include details about the work including the surface preparation work, the materials used (e.g. how many gallons and what kind of paint are needed), the start and end dates, final inspection, terms and the total price.

The cost of painting a house will depend on how many square feet you cover and the number of coats required. While the cost of painting a house can be a significant factor when choosing contractors, we recommend that you carefully evaluate what you are buying. You might find yourself looking for a new job in just 5 to 6 years, rather than the 9 to 10 required by a professional.

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